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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Putting Dreams to Rest

By Jeanne Waite Follett of Gullible's Travels

I have recurring dreams with various subject matters, if the utter nonsense that makes up these dreams can be referred to as subject matters, thereby erroneously bestowing them with some veracity.

I am really, really tired of some of those dreams yet they play on the dream screen with the annoying repetition of “ring around the collar, ring around the collar.” (For those of you who weren’t around in the 60s, replace that ad with one of today's more annoying auto insurance commercials.)

Last night was a review of the decade's finest. Times and locations were lumped together in a large bowl without regard to chronology and reality. Into that, my dream-baker combined the owning of a restaurant, an RV park, the log home my parents built and in which I grew up, the log-sided playhouse there, my husband, litter clean-up and firing an employee for theft.

Wee pieces of reality that became unrecognizable in this new batter.

Fold in a guy who gives horseback trips out of a nearby town, windows that wouldn’t stay closed, window blinds that wouldn’t stay down, my John Deere riding lawn mower and ear plugs.

Frost with multiple layers of idiocy and sprinkle with improbable connections.

Stir well, half-bake at 98.6 degrees and stand back.

I won’t go into the moronic details. What I want to tell you is that during that dream, I had a rare flash of brilliance and my dreams are not known for brilliance of any kind.

This is what happened:

Several years ago, I dreamed my John Deere riding lawn mower suffered a serious mechanical problem. My husband was out of town, so I dismantled it down to the last bolt and o-ring. Ever since then I’ve been dream-nagging my husband to reassemble it so I can mow the lawns.

Forget reality. There’s nothing wrong with my John Deere riding mower and my husband died four years ago. Yet, I survey the mass of pieces and nag ad nauseam as I watch my lawns overgrow. Remember: He's deceased. Even in death he gets no peace.

Except for last night.

Last night, I looked at him and suggested we haul the billions of pieces to the John Deere dealer in Soldotna and have Vern, the head mechanic, reassemble it.

My husband, though a gifted mechanic, was always reluctant to take on basket cases (the mower, not me), so he thought that a great idea.

And then came my flash of brilliance: “You know,” I said, “It probably will cost as much in labor to have Vern reassemble the mower as it would to buy a new one…”

OMG! I sure hope that idea puts that recurring dream to rest.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Instructions for submitting are here.]

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Was it Adler or Jung that said you should keep a dream journal and you would see a problem you were trying to work out, or a resentment you were submerging?

I did that once and it was helpful in facing an issue I had been trying to avoid.

Now I have a recurring dream that I am driving and I am backing up and the car won't stop. I have no control over the car. The obvious clue to my dream is that I am unable to control my circumstances and I resent it.

Maybe it's all silliness, but it works for me.

Couldn't agree more with both of you..I was a kid who had nighmares from a baby I am told..kept that up I think, maybe to the 1980s..then never again and interestingly to me at least, rarely can recall dreams in the morning..I kind of believe some theories about dreams being ways to sort out ongoing life situations..I am very old school superstitious too & often out of the blue see strangers on the street or in subway who remind me of someone..it has happened that something happens, a few times a death and the person I thought of when I saw the stranger was the departed..don't call the Happy Acres van..I always talk to others about those events & they feel like it has happened to them too..so maybe our sub/sub conscious watches out for us somehow..or maybe it is still my dear Mother, saying it will be alright Honey...like you Darlene, it works for me..thanks Jeanne, I only know about John Deere from Jeopardy and crosswords..great essay..

I enjoyed reading this, Jeanne. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone's dream language is so intensely personal. It is like a crazy conversation with oneself that not cannot be easily translated. You caught the essence of your dream and translated it perfectly! Thank you.

I am referring to the seniors who voted Republicans, do you realize that republicans want to cut your benefits, and just make the rich, richer.? Please, think about the many older poor sick seniors, and the poor people on medicaid.

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