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Monday, 05 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy

By Marc Leavitt of Marc Leavitt's Blog

We were nervous that day, on October two-nine,
All the Halloween costumes were looking quite fine.
Trick-or-treating excitement infused the kids’ plans,
As Hurricane Sandy’s wrath spread over the lands.

We expected the blow, we knew well in advance,
We had bought our supplies, leaving nothing to chance.
As the afternoon passed, the winds started to blow,
And we knew right away we were in for a show.

In the night, rain began, breaking trees, power lines,
Without juice, nothing worked, it was dark as a mine.
We all knew for a fact we had trouble in store
As we cowered inside at the tempest’s great roar.

The candles were lit, and the neighbors were waiting,
Not one of us knew when the blast was abating.
New Jersey was pummeled with the brunt of the storm,
Without heat in our homes it was hard to keep warm.

At the shore, waves whipped hard, summer houses were tossed,
In the streets and the sea, many homes were now lost.
All the news was so dreadful, it soon became clear,
That Sandy’s “Trick” was no “Treat” for grownups this year.

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On the other hand, we now have six bags of candy that we don't have to share!

We have to try to maintain a sense of humor about these horrible storms,don't we?

Living on the coast in Fl, I know about hurricanes.The fear of the storm itself, followed here by tornados, or the possibility of one, is alarming. Instead of cold, we have unbearable heat with no water, electricity or plumbing - but at least most of us still have our homes.

Often the aftermath is worse than the storm itself.I can feel the frustration, hurt and anger of those still suffering from the storm and I will keep them in my prayers.

Well written, thanks Marc. I am worried about the homeless folks with a new nor'easter coming and the temperatures dropping.

You describe things so well Marc.

As I listen and watch Long Beach Island residents travel there today to see what’s happened to their homes, a science professor I was acquainted with several years ago comes to mind. She had become persona non grata in LBI due to what she feared and let be known could happen there. Since LBI has only one bridge to enter/exit, she feared if what now has happened did so during the summer months and there was no time for ample warning, many lives would be lost.

I vacationed there for many years during the summer and often thought about what she said.

An unusual trick or treat tale, but so well told. All we on the west coast can do is pray and give some to the the Red Cross in hopes out little bit helps those in real need.

What a nice way to remember an event. You will most likely look back on these years through this poem and think of the moments when the fury of the storm was awe inspiring. We here in the Midwest are watching the terrible loss and tragedy there with great interest and empathy. All the flooding and tornadoes are familiar to us so we know what you Easterners are going through. Sending prayers.

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