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Monday, 18 February 2013

Cabin Fever

By Ellen Younkins

(Any resemblance to Peggy Lee's well known tune Fever is purely coincidental)

Cabin Fever- never know how much I hate you
Never know how little that I care -
When you put your cold shoulder 'round me
I get a fever that is really hard to bear.

You give me cabin fever when you hold me tight
Fever in the morning, fever all through the night.

No sun lights up the morning,
No moonlight lights up the night.
I don't light up when you call my name
Because you know you don't treat me right.

Cabin Fever - never know how much I hate you
Never know how much I really do despair.
Please let the sun shine down upon me
And raise the temperature to something I can bear.

Don't give me cabin fever, with your grip so awfully tight
No fever in the morning, and no fever all through the night.

Everybody's got the Cabin fever, maybe even you.
I'm sick of winter doldrums, I've think I've had my share.
I need to see the sun shine and see the sky so blue
And get out my clubs and even try-  to par a hole or two.

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We came to Arizona to solve the cabin fever. Great poem.

Come on down to Florida-early spring with azaleas blooming and racers racing.

We cabin fever folks need to stick together, Ellen, no matter what comments from the sunny south offer. We're going to hang fast here in Michigan and wait for spring, even if it takes all year. Enjoyed your poem.

Cute poem--I couldn't wait for ice and snow for my photography, but now enough already. You said it well for all of us Northerners.

We always know the "snowbirds" here. They go swimming while we wear jackets.

Loved your parody on Peggy Lee..I could see her saying it...I am lifelong New Yorker, loved the winter, but at 72, I too wish it were only two months or so...afraid to slip and slide and fall down..my friend in Florida complained yesterday that it was 68 near Tampa, I laughed..spring will be a litle late this year, great song by Peggy Lee also..I will hum it for rest of the day...thanks for interlude...

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