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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Musing

By Thomas Moore

Have you ever started the day with a song rhythm in your head? I do every day, usually starting about first light and fading only after I have cleansed, dressed and fed. It was annoying but bearable.

After passing my 80th birthday, I could have expected my brain to slow down but I found the opposite happening: my conscious thoughts were chasing my brain. It would listen to commands necessary for survival and existence but after that, it sought it’s own remedies to alleviate boredom and generate excitement.

I now have a brain that acts like my dog and his cohort, the male cat, which is unnerving.

A few days ago it was the rhythm of Do y’ ken John Peel, an Old English hunting ditty that carries the lines “when he’s far far away, with his hounds and his horn in the morning.”

Normally, it would have kept repeating until it eventually faded but not that day. Almost with every repeat, the words changed and so it was to remain all morning and into the afternoon.

My conscious self became intrigued and joined my brain in the hunt to follow where it led. It was a merry dance and a thoroughly enjoyable experience, so much so, that it took some time before I recognised the brainwave pattern - it took one word from the original and the new ditty formed around it.

I typed out the final version before It disappeared without trace and realised that my brain had trawled from my memory bank a plethora of information gained in my military wanderings around the seedier highways and byways of the world.

At best it could be described in the Old English fashion as “bawdy” to be found highly amusing at a regimental reunion but not publishable in polite society.

If your brain resembles mine, you will have realised by now the single word was “horn” as in hunting, shoe, French, cream, etc. The exciting part is that I now have a tool that is truly unpredictable and more exciting than Playstation.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Please read instructions for submitting.]

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Thomas Moore, you are a very funny man. I have never had such an experience, but I think it is a wonderful blessing. A lot of us wake up thinking about what hurts at the moment! ha.

I agree that our brains are much more fun than Playstation! Especially if we don't take them seriously but just observe what is happening there.

Very nice post and brilliant last sentence! Thank you!

I must be out of it since I don't know what Playstation is, but I love the way your brain works. If we could all wake up with a song in our brains not only our hearts.

At first I thought I could identify with you because I usually get a song or tune in my head which stays with me all day it seems. But my tune and words don't change. The music is usually some piece I knew or one that I might have just heard.

Stories are entirely different. I often have Alice In Wonderland dreams or write an entire script in my head when I am half asleep in what I call The Twilight Zone. Too bad I can't remember them long enough to write them.

That's the real poet in you at work.

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