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Monday, 23 December 2013

G-Men Are Comin’ To Town

By Mickey Rogers of This, That and the Other

The American people are split over the government collecting information from our cell phones, e-mails, etc. I respect opinions that differ from mine. The following song, however, makes perfectly clear where I stand on the matter. This is to be sung to the tune for Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.

You better watch out
Don’t make a peep
Cause you’re being recorded
By some government creep
G-men are comin’ to town
G-men are comin’ to town

They could make an enemy list
Could check to see if you’re being “nice”
Could even find out who eats pudding
Or who puts ketchup on their rice
'Cause the snooping G-men are comin’ to town.

They’d like to spy when you are sleeping
They want to know when you’re awake
Just remember that they’re listenin’
So be scared, for goodness sake

With little listening devices
They’ll bug your phone
And no longer are your emails your own
G-men are comin’ to town

They want more information
The whole thing‘s a mess
And of course if they don’t like you
They can send the IRS
‘Cause the G-men are comin’ to town

So you better watch out
It’s enough to make a patriot cry
As they steal our freedoms
Right in front of our eyes
‘Cause the G-men are comin’ to town

They say it’s for security
That’s why they’ve done what they have done
But it sounds more like the reasoning
Of Hitler or Attila the Hun
As the G-men are snooping around

So you better watch out
Don’t make a peep
‘Cause you’re being recorded
By some government creep
The G-men are comin’ to town.

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Government officials need to track the bad guys, but there needs to be some restrictions; right now they're using a scatter-gun approach.

I think sadly that the G-Men are the bad guys.

This is a very funny article about a serious subject. Thanks.

Very clever, Mickey. But it's not just NSA. Recently, I was checking in to fly from New York City to Seattle, and TSA agents confiscated my tiny thread-snipper.

Maybe they thought I was part of a group of Little Old Lady terrorists trying to break into the cockpit. Oh wait, after 9/11 the airlines were required to reinforce the cockpit to prevent such a thing from ever happening again.

If you think all the above is bad try living in China where "big brother" is always keeping track of you.

And then there are all the corporations profiling us!
Neat piece shows lots of cleverness!

Earlier, I left out an interesting post I found on ArsTechnica about "Data brokers won’t even tell the government how it uses, sells your data."
Oh Woe!

It is a very clever funny poem about a subject that is not funny at all. Still, congratulations on your well-crafted piece.

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