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Thursday, 21 October 2004

Daddy and Mommy


Ted Charlotte 1940

[August 1940] Ted and Charlotte had photographs made for their wedding announcement - seven months before Ronni was born. That is an insignificant fact by today’s social standards, but was shameful in some circles in the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s.


history @ 2003-08-13 10:18 said:
Sad how they`re looking away from each other.

wolfwimr @ 2003-08-17 15:28 said:
I am so glad you sent me this URL. I especially love the captions that supply an emotional `string quartet` accompaniment. The curly-haired boy your day once (unhappily) was; the shocked baby Ronni reacting to news of Pearl Harbor - your captions are truly inspired. And, I must tell you, the observation that your parents were sadly looking away from each other in their engagement photo really struck a chord.

I have a friend with a similar shot of his parents, and he feels the same. I will bookmark your site and check back. Thanks for the wonderful email - the image of your ex-boyfriend and ex-husband gabbing through the blackout while you slept is priceless. The fact that they got on well (under YOUR roof) says something about your enduring taste in men, does it not?

courtneyutt @ 2003-08-28 20:05 said:
This looks like two negs were printed on the same piece of paper - it`s great. And the hand coloring is beautiful.

tomswift46 @ 2004-04-25 07:22 said:
Lovely looking parents. Isn`t it funny how times have changed and yet we are still in the Dark Ages.

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I love the timeline stuff!

Take Care

The photograph has such an unusual quality to it. My mom has some that were handpainted over in a similar fashion. Shame the old process has gone by the wayside. I do find it striking that they seem worlds apart, yet less than an inches away physically.

Looks to me like that photo of your parents was made from two different photos. Was she taller then your dad?

I think you look like your mom, photo #3. Pretty!


Millie's right. This was two photos (taken in the same session) that I Photoshopped together - however limited my skills at that are.

Your mother looks like Mary Astor. For the sake of propriety, I refrain for making any remarks about one of the sexiest women to appear in Hollywood movies of the Thirties and Forties.

Photos are interesting. They capture just a "moment". Sometimes that moment reveals all of us and sometimes there is virtually nothing there of who we really are. I like the new one you put up, but what you have to say about life is far more important to me. I wrote about my parents on my blog this weekend and struggled over whether to post a current photo (which shows their continued good health) or an older, beloved one. I chose the older one as being true to how they really are, not necessarily how they really look.

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