Ronni and Ron
Legacy Matters

Ron in His Office


Ron 1978

[circa 1978] Our on-again, off-again relationship, which spanned more than ten years, never lost that early rush of new-found romance. One day in 1988, I telephoned his office. It could not have been a week since we had last spoken, but they said Ron no longer worked there. They said there was no forwarding number. They said they had no other information to give me. And his home number had been disconnected too. As far as I know to this day, Ron was abducted by aliens.


tatefox @ 2003-09-21 said:
Ronni, It’s great to visit the timeline again. Ten years is a long time. Were you both single?

ronni @ 2003-09-21 said:
Both single. We went our separate ways from time to time and didn’t asked questions when we returned. It was a good friendship in addition to romance.

virgorama @ 2003-09-21 said:
I'm assuming you haven’t tried to trace him? It would have driven me crazy...

airchild @ 2003-09-21 said:
That’s a sad ending, isn’t it? But at least you have wonderful memories like the poems he wrote you and such. Sounds very romantic to me :-)

davidfmendes @ 2003-09-21 said:
It’s sad and it’s beautiful at the same time.

einstein2 @ 2003-09-23 said:
bloody A L I E N S : )


What an amazing relationship. So mature! I would have been a basket case!

Those relationships are hard to explain to someone who hasn't had one... I mean they probably just weren't meant to be, but there are always the questions... Why? What if...?

Hmmmm that seems pretty cold to me...a good friend of 10 years to suddenly dissappear off the face of the earth without even a good-bye? Were you angry Ronni? Did you ever miss him?

Sure I miss him, as I miss all the people I've cared about who aren't around anymore, for whatever reason.

Because I have no idea what happened, I've never been angry, just puzzled. But it doesn't do to dwell too much on mysteries that can't be solved. That's more anxiety than I'm willing to live with.

What a rollercoaster you were on. I am sure there were many good time,wonderful memories but disappearing like that was so wrong on his part

But what a handsome son of a gun!


It's easy to trace people with the internet!! :-)

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