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Ron in His Office

Ronni and Ron


Ronni and Ron at the Emmys 1977

[26 March 1977] Only the gods know why the The Stanley Siegel Show was nominated for a local Emmy. I don’t remember if we won that night – unlikely - but I do remember Ron. He taught me to like opera and he wrote heartachingly beautiful poems for me.


av_producer @ 2003-09-20 said:
From the lighting, I was thinking The Godfather Hmmm...According to your timeline we could be getting close to Studio 54 days. Will we be going there?

ronni @ 2003-09-20 said:
I was at Studio 54 only once. Even in my younger days, I avoided clubs. I’ve never understood the point when you can’t hear one another speak.

lauratitian @ 2003-09-20 said:
Wow – that’s a great dress you’re wearing, Ronni

zinetv @ 2003-09-20 said:
Stanley Siegel, Stanley Siegel - I am not a fan of daytime TV and I think I saw this show once when I was sick. It made my flu worse. The picture is very romantic with the low key lighting and candles.


Will you share one of those poems with us, I wonder?

How lovely to be in London in the Spring, sitting in a Starbucks across the Thames with St. Pauls Cathedral beautifully in view - wireless access - accessing Ronni's heartachingly beautiful poems memory ...

You looked happy in that photo, Ronni!

I loved Stanley! He was different. I specifically remember the time he had on a family who was promoting a book they had written. There was the father, mother, and 2 or 3 children and every other sentence out of their mouths included "in our book". It was so obvious that the children had been told to keep mentioning "their book" that Stanley stopped the conversation and just ranted on the mother and father for the obvious coaxing of the children. Then there was the time he had on Marlo Thomas.....that was intense. The almost immediate dislike, bordering on hate, was obvious. She then went on to do the Phil Donohue show and fell immediately in love.

Where is Stanley Siegel today? He was fired from a tv show in Green Bay, Wis in the 70's for looking through people's garbage. I threatened the local TV station that he left, I was leaving. He did, I did. Later, I saw him in LA, and then heard him talking at the table next to mine in Newport Beach, Ca. Now I hear about him again in connection to Copote. Is he still around? Stanley, where are you?

Stanley IS alive and very well....I am his director/cameraman for his show, "Stanley Siegel On The Go" which has recently taped in Guatamala, India, Wales, Vietnam, Argentina, Japan, Brazil, Peru, Russia and next month in Africa. Contact me with a great Stanley story so I can bug him!!!!!

I worked as an intern on Stanley's show on WCBS in NYC in 1980, which is the year the show was cancelled. He was very unique and quite a character. Glad to hear he is well and keeping busy doing what he does best. I remember him telling me at the Viand coffee shop "Linoleum, linoleum, that's where the glamour is"! :)

Because we are usually in the process of booking his most current " On The Go" episode, Stanley Siegel is in constant contact with our travel company. With his distinctive voice and persistence-bordering-on relentless style, Stanley at times can wear us out. In one conversation alone we might discuss the possibility of Oktoberfest vs. the Running of the Bulls vs. an African Safari vs. a cruise on the Yangtze River. But more times than not, Stanley leaves us smiling and we fondly consider him part of our extended travel family here at One World Travel and Worldview Tours.

Although I see updates on Stanley, still haven't located him. Is he ever coming back to LA?

i recently had very nice conversation with him in a shop in los angeles... just thought i would let you all know.

Is there any way to get copies of certain episodes of the Stanley Siegel show?

is stanely siegel married now or was he ever married. does he have any Children. if he is not married is he involved in a relationship. also how old is he now.

Does anyone know what his theme song music was when he had the late night saturday night show in the early 70's in nashville, tn.?

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