Oprah’s Ageism
The Danger of Euphemism

High Crimes of the Aged

  • Continuing foul-ups in high places regarding the recent hurricanes.
  • Indictments in another high place.
  • Rumors of indictments in more high places in the investigation into the outing of Valerie Plame.
  • A suggestion from another high place that aborting all African-American babies would reduce the crime rate.
  • The declaration that the foremost qualification of the latest Supreme Court nominee is not her legal expertise or her wisdom, but “her heart,” which the country is required to accept on the word of the man in the highest place of all – the one who said the U.S. had to go to war because of WMDs.

Crabby Old Lady has been a-sitting and a-pondering on these and dozens of other questionable acts from on high that involve lying, misdirection, cheating, chiseling, secrecy, greed, cronyism, prejudice, cover-ups, sloth and other sins (if not provable crimes) in high places - all delivered on the evening news in code to “the base” with winks, smirks and self-satisfied posturing.

By comparison, the citizenry is positively angelic.

The experts who study aging tell us that in our later years, self-centeredness commonly declines. Acquisitiveness decreases too, while concern for the well-being of the future increases and wisdom begins to emerge.

These attributes are in direct opposition to the behavior of the people currently in high places - people who are all on the downward slope of life.

So here is Crabby’s question: are these people who would leave no tree uncut for their children, no speck of air unpolluted, no dollar unpocketed, freaks of nature? Are they untouched, in their approaching dotage, by the age-old gifts to elders of maturity, responsibility and wisdom?


I would love to print this, stand on every street corner, and hand it out to everyone to read.

Am squinting in the dark for lack of light. Gasping for lack of air. Eyes burning with tears of shame and frustration.

it's beyond me. I don't begin to understand what is going on with our country and when i think about it at all, it drives me nuts!

Discovered you via Pattie :-)

I don't know... I think if you're a self-satisfied, acquisitive bitch at 30 then, short of a real fire cracker in your panties, you're going to be a selfish, short-sighted woman at 60. I don't know if I agree with those who say character is formed by five but (having reached 40 and become more introspective and analytical) I find it hard to believe people just morph into wise, frosty-coiffured eldresses.

And don't forget what professions of Christian piety come from this greedy, power-hungry bunch.

It boggles the mind daily!

Crabby, I am afraid that only intelligent and honest people benefit from ageing.
Whatever qualities you have will get enhanced by age and reflection, but this probably is right for faults too.

I agree with a couple of the other comments that age doesn't automatically improve our character traits, etc. As one suggested: bitch at youg age, bitch at old age. And as Claude said "only intelligent and honest people benefit from ageing." Aging surely has not helped Bush and company. Evil,greedy and stupid young -- evil,greedy and stupid old.

Liberals, liberals, please calm down and look at actual truth, facts, words, deeds, history, "big-pictures," reality, and everything else IN CONTEXT before you start your usual name-calling. If even one of you could back up your conspiracy, et al, accusations without distorting, revising, propagandizing, miscontexting (is that a word? but you get it), and outright lying, you might start making progress towards reality, wisdom, and truth.

As far as our current war goes, similar and worse accusations were made about LINCOLN, WASHINGTON, FDR, KENNEDY, REAGAN, and I could go on, by people like you who just hated them and what they stood for as people, including their faith, and determination to stand for what they knew as right, as well as their stands against aggression. Please study history.

Also, study the difference between JUST and UNJUST war, which you obviously don't know about--FDR was massively protested and ridiculed by pacifists as a "war monger" for declaring war on Nazi Germany because they didn't directly attack us, they weren't an actual threat to the world as they appeared to be, and we needed to simply appease them; and Lincoln also, for trying to tear the states apart and ruin the economy by freeing up all that slave labor!

And give up on that old and tired WMD accusation and lie, since Clinton, the UN, world powers, including FRANCE AND GERMANY, and everyone else backed up the information Bush relied upon, and he received that information from them and other related sources!--noone can lie about something if they are convinced of the truth of it at the time; John Kerry believed them also, which you conveniently forget. It's interesting how liberals and Clinton redefine the word "lie" when it suits them. But you also conveniently forget that those same sources determined, and it is now established fact that Hussein was accumulating materials for, intended to use (specifically against Israel), and would have developed a nuclear arsenal within five to ten years--oh, and by the way, he murdered roughly 1.5 million innocents, and after the rape and/or torture of most--oh, and almost forgot to mention that it was known and is now proven and established fact that he backed and supported world terrorism in all forms, and he was established to be the single greatest threat to the world's oil reserves, which would throw world economies into chaos, etc.

If Hussein had been ignored, we would have a huge world mess on our hands now, and Bush would have been vilified by all of you--and me--for being too weak, spineless, and wishy-washy for doing nothing when he could have: Gee, I wonder how many lives would have been saved and the greater advantage we would have had if we and our allies had declared war on Germany or Japan just a few years earlier, when they had only invaded a couple of countries apiece and only raped, tortured, and murdered a few tens of thousands of civilians.

Oh, and I'm not forgetting that this war was not traditionally declared, but it was supported by congress and was constitutionally and legally official; but don't you forget that, aside from the three month or so Iraq war itself, who supported terrorism, this is an unprecedented and nontraditional war against an enemy that has no base country, wears no uniform, hides and ambushes and does not fight in the open, specifically targets any and all civilian populations, and has and intends to use nuclear arms, which has been established by all intelligence now--it is now becoming accepted knowledge that anywhere from 10 to 75 hand-held nuclear "suitcase" devices exist in this country. Hey, if you like to wonder at our revolutionary and technological "new millennium," then you'll have to accept the new definitions of war--but no matter how it's fought, it's still "war," and is just as tragic.

And by they way, saying that we are causing terrorists to kill civilians and soldiers because we're in Iraq to begin with, is like saying we caused Hitler to kill Jews, etc., but he already starting killing them and others long before 1941; and didn't terrorists kill over 3,000 Americans before we went to war, or Hussein a large portion of the approximately 1.5 million civilians he killed before we went to war with Iraq? Oh, and after we PULLED OUT out of Vietnam, roughly 2,000,000 civilians have been killed there since by the communists. The examples here could fill volumes.

Have any of you ever thought about the phrase "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"?--never mind, liberals speak a different language, I guess. You don't realize though that war gave you the cushy lives you have now, especially compared to the rest of the world, and the right to desperately lie about and call everyone else names who disagrees with you--which is the substance of what conservatives hear from liberals. JUST war will ALWAYS be necessary in this world, as long as evil aggression exists, and it will--and no, if you've understood any of the facts I've already outlined here, Bush is not an "evil aggressor," but is fighting AGAINST it--there you go, NOW you're getting it (oh well, I wish you all could, anyway).

Oh, and yes, people die in war and it is horrible--but wasn't it liberals though who predicted 10 to 20 thousand deaths in the first months of the actual military campaign in '03? By the way, don't forget that we have a VOLUNTEER military. Oh, and in a FOUR year war--wow!--called WWII, America suffered about 500,000 military deaths, AND occupied TWO--wow!--countries after the war for many years, totally rebuilding them into Democracies and allies of ours, but not taking them over. And yes, deaths and fighting occurred during those occupations. But, back then we had a much stronger and moral society that understood just war and sacrifice in all areas of life.

And don't even criticize Bush's Christianity or anyone else's, since those of you that do have obviously never read or at least tried to understand or properly interpret the Bible, along with what Christ taught, and as it relates to war or anything else; if you had, I wouldn't be addressing you here at all--I can just hear now the missaplied mantras of "peace" and "love." This is a perfect example of ignorant hypocrisy.

Granted, things get screwed up and mistakes are made by people in "high places"--the government and military make mistakes under all presidents: the difference for liberals is that if Kerry and his regime made similar or different mistakes, you wouldn't be criticizing or calling names, but making excuses.

Did any of you ever think about the fact that Michael Moore and the rest of your sad leaders and spokespeople whom you all learn EVERYTHING from, are "propagandists?" Propaganda mixes bits of pieces of truth in with a foundation of distortions and lies to make information appear real, honest, and truthful. The Nazi's used the same exact technique in WWII, but of course, for a different purpose.

The problems with our society and everything else aren't and never have been caused by our government, but by an increasingly less valueless, knowledgable, and weakening secular society and culture.

In a perfect world, I wouldn't have even needed to write all of this and educate anyone to any degree about simple truth, facts, and reality (and for those of you who believe truth is "relative," I won't even try to reason you out of that illusion, as easy as it is to do); and I know this was all a profound waste of my time, but, what the heck, I had some free time and leisure on my hands--provided ultimately and unfortunately by just war and the blood and sacrifice of so many heroes whose shoes I could never fill: God bless them and God bless all of you, whom I will pray for--and I mean it when I say that (I can just hear the heckles of typical secularists over that statement--which is why it's even more important to do).

I can just imagine all of the great responses to this; but just remember, truth, facts, and reality, instead of anger and mean names--it's very simple.

Thanks for reading, and sorry it is sooooo long.

Oh, my God! I wonder where this last person gets his/her "facts"--Rush Limbaugh?

Anyway, to the rest of you, I'd like to recommend the book "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout, Ph.D. It offers an eye-opening reason for the type of "leadership" we are currently experiencing in this country.

Crabby Old Lady asks some interesting questions.

In another section there is some discussion about the term "elder" not being age-related.

Perhaps the attributes the experts describe as often being associated with individuals growing older are not necessarily age-related either, as Crabby questions.

Perhaps, we best consider more carefully just how much an individual's age and experience lends itself to leadership and governing skills -- no broad assumptions about their value. I only bring this up because I've had this rationale expressed to me as sufficient reason for putting current leaders into power, then to continue supporting them. I wonder how many people there are we need to disabuse of that notion?

On the other hand, perhaps, our leaders are an aberration.

After 9/11, which came within blocks of dear family members, our leadership has truly created a magnified nightmare.

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