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When, over the summer, I visited Monarch Landing, an Erickson retirement community in a suburb of Chicago [TGB story here], one of the most popular activities among the residents was Wii bowling.

In case you’re behind the curve on Wii, it is video game console from Nintendo in which a handheld controller similar in look to a television remote, is swung like a tennis racket, golf club, bowling ball, etc. toward a large screen where the action takes place. In other words, virtual sports.

I tried Wii bowling while I was at Monarch Landing. It’s a load of fun and as close to the real feel of the game as is anything likely to ever be invented. [Undoubtedly I'll regret that prediction some day.]

Erickson recently held a Wii bowling tournament pitting several of their communities around the U.S. against one another. And they recorded it. The edited tournament has been running on YouTube for only a couple of days and is rated (as of early this morning) in the top 50 viewed sports videos.

Here is it for you:

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Paul Henry, the Old Professor, tells us what happened when, as a youth, he decided I Want to Play Like Duke Ellington.]



Ronnie tried to write you at the contact address and it did not go through. Just wanted to share. Found your site about 3 weeks ago and I am thoroughly enjoying it. My daughter is a writer and has a blog and told me about it. Yesterday I felt young. Now I am 3 score and 10 and mind feels young but body is beginning in some ways not to agree. Where did the time go. Just moved to be nearer children into a smaller home. A challenge, drew the plan and drove daily quite a distance to be with contractor and very tiring. Finally coming back to life and I love the area in Nashville. I am now settled 4 months. A new world has opened up. Like starting over. Daughter keeps encouraging to start a blog. A lot has happened in this life. So far just enjoying responding to blogs. Now I am beginning to think what is my next project. I need to slow down.
Enough said.

Hi all-- I watched this video with my mom last night, who mentioned she would have liked to see it in full screen.

After searching for a bit, I found the same video in a higher resolution with option for full screen here:
Wii Bowling Episode 1

What fun!

I play Wii Bowling too. The mechanics of the game is obviously very different than regular bowling in the alley. But I think the experience is very much the same (i.e. satisfaction when knocking down a spare). It's just a matter of figuring out and adapting to the Wii control. It is indeed very fun to play.

Hi Ronnie,

My Grandson,Andrew, taught me how to play Wii tennis and we have a great time. I could never play real tennis anymore but I love playing Wii.

The bowling at Erickson looks like a lot of fun.......


What fun! My daughter introduced me to Wii bowling. I am proud to report that I went on to try some Wii boxing and knocked out my first opponent.

Er, but I think I'll go back to bowling now.

Love it! Most importantly, the players were more fun than lots of my peers! It's getting into the spirit of things that makes life FUN!!

Good Show! What Fun!

Once again you have done it. Everytime I receive a FeedBlitz email telling my there is a new post on Time Goes By; I eagerly go to see what you have added that day. And then it happens--time goes by.
You have just given me a new YouTube video to put on my Squidoo lens under new vids.
Check it out. Do you Squidoo? I think that you should; you would rank very high.
What a great blog you have! Thanks for your posts and the message you send.

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