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category_bug_journal2.gif Before we get to locations, I must thank you all for your lovely birthday greetings on Saturday. I had a fine time with your poems and ditties and blog posts and video links and all.

You said so many nice things about Time Goes By and me that I am abashed – as I always am in such circumstances – and can never figure out how to adequately express how pleased I am – at least, not without sounding a bit too much like Sally Field.

What I want you to know is that I appreciate each and every one of you and to tell you that you are as much responsible for this blog as I am. I may post a story each day, but it would just sit there, one woman's thoughts, without your comments, ideas, discussion, arguments, etc. that take off from my beginning, expand in all kinds of directions and add many colors and nuances. You expand my world and my mind.

One other birthday note: last December, I posted some photos from the art show of Isabelle Johnston including a spotted cat perched on a pink lotus blossom that looks remarkably like my Savannah cat, Oliver.

While I was pottering around on Saturday, the postman (well, in my case, the postwoman) arrived with a box marked “fragile” and this is what I found inside from my sister-in-law, Isabelle:

Isa Cat

I haven't decided yet where it will sit in my home - somewhere I can see it every day without danger of it being knocked to the floor.

Certainly you all know that the location check on Friday has no scientific validity, right? Respondents were self-selected and thousands of others did not stop to tell us where they are. Nevertheless, I found it interesting and enjoyed learning where some names I recognize live.

Thirty-six states were represented. Four signed in from Pennsylvania, two of them from Yardley. Wikipedia tells me that as of the 2010 census, there were 2,434 people in that town, so I'm curious: do you two know one another, Claire Jean and Dana Ainsworth? If not, say how do you do today – at least right here.

Pam says that MAD magazine pronounced her town, Middleboro, Massachusetts, the most boring place in the world. I think you should know, Pam, that there is a town here in Oregon called Boring. It was named for a Civil War veteran but still – can you imagine telling people you're from Boring.

Two people, yellowstone and redstone (should we assume they are a couple?) didn't give the name of a town, just “Atlantic Ocean” but included a Zip Code, 32137. So we know they are in Florida. Living on a boat???

There is another reader who has no fixed address. Allan Moult tells us that he is a “full-time grey nomad exploring Australia slowly in Madam Plush, a converted bus that in a former life in Japan was a mobile bordello.”

Who knew there was such a thing – not me.

Altogether, seven people signed in from Australia including the official Time Goes By musicologist, Peter Tibbles, who holds forth here every Sunday.

There were 16 Canadians from four provinces – Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta.

Sweden, Scotland, Spain, China and Italy were represented with one person each. There are two each from Paris and England. And here's one you wouldn't expect - Ecuador. Jody Broyles checked in via email:

”I live in the Amazon rainforest in Mera, Pastaza, Ecuador. Really!!! I've been meaning to write to tell you what a wonderful impact your Time Goes By and the Elder Storytelling Place have had on my attitude about aging.

“I am 67 and since I no longer have living family members I have had very little exposure to what aging really means.

(I hope Jody won't mind that I've quoted her email; I didn't get permission.) You can read about what Jody does in Ecuador here.

There was one respondent from Hawaii which, to me, is almost as exotic as Ecuador. California had the highest number – 25 – followed by Oregon with 17 (we really ought to meet sometime) with a number of others who live elsewhere but are originally from Oregon.

Counting the many that arrived via email, at least two hundred people checked in so it is a bit much to mention all of them. But I enjoyed hearing from everyone and it will be nice to put a location with your messages in the future.

One more note: If you are looking for yours or someone else's comment on Friday's post and cannot find it, there are two pages of them. At the bottom of the first there is a link with this designation ">>" (without the quote marks) and on the second page, the reverse - click "<<" to return to the first page of comments.

I had no idea this happens (apparently there were never this many comments before) but I don't like it and will, when I have time, work out a fix so that in the future all comments appear on one page.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Johna Ferguson: New York City


I'm glad you got lots of feedback, both in re your birthday and in re the location check. A small sign of our GREAT appreciation for your constant hard work on our behalf. Could Time Goes By be considered a "mutual appreciation" moment?
As for the comments, I agree with you that many of your contributors add quite a lot and when I can, I come back to your posts two or three times to read the comments. I've also become a regular reader of Darlene's. So today let me thank both you and your readers.

Aging is global, of course, and so is Time Goes By. A fascinating tally of locations. Thanks again for being such an engaging and thoughtful clearinghouse and catalyst.

Oh dear, computer problems kept me from adding one more number to the Pennsylvania count. Maybe next time.

We've been gone all weekend, so here's a late happy birthday and a big hug.

Demographically: G and I live one mile above the ocean and one mile above the bay on Point Loma in San Diego 92107. What a great idea.

I just saw this link on locations and your query! Hope it's not too late to add my location, Tel Aviv, Israel. Thanks for doing this tally and blog;-) XO

That is one very cool spotted cat, sprawled on that flower. Lovely of Isabelle to give it to you. Well, I missed the post about locations...but, you know, I live here in Portland (put a bird on it! ha!)
I am like your commenter Jody (whose comment you highlighted) because my family have all died and as she put it: "I have had very little exposure to what aging really means". There is an upside and a downside to that. I appreciate your blog!
By the way, I have to mention (and I've probably mentioned it before) I absolutely LOVE the design of your blog. It is first rate. I'm a former graphic designer, but I never learned much web. I can still recognize great design, however, your blog has it in spades! :)

Yes, Red and I are and have been together for nearly 50 years!

To help those zero in on this area, try plugging this into bing.com:

29° 34' 35" N / 81° 10' 30" W

Best regards and belated Happy Birthday Ronni!

Whoops! Try plugging it into: http://www.google.com/maps/mm

Did that. Very cool.

Cool indeed!

This morning was brisk 61 degrees . . . Winter is still here.

Happy Birthday to you Ronni (belated)….

I never met Dana Ainsworth, but now know we have one thing at least in common…Ronni’s blog…

Ah, yes, Happy Birthday!!!Sometimes I think about you as a role model of how to keep "engaged" as we age. Thank you for that example... Another "Boring" town name in Oregon is "Drain" - south of Eugene, close to HWY 5.

Thank you for being a globally-oriented friend, Ronni - and others!

I seem to recall your comments having run into two or three pages once before - possibly when you had previously asked for readers to give you their geographic locations?

Was away from home a good bit the past several days and am just catching up with my reading... So, a belated Happy Birthday, Ronni, and another location fix from a relatively new, but appreciative reader. I'm in LaGrange, IN, home of Corn School: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corn_School), and located in the heart of Amish country: (http://www.backroads.org/). I, too, have lived in many places around the country, but returned to IN after retirement in order to be nearer to my siblings.

By the way, if you have any fascination with astrology, I am also an Aries. :)

O my gosh!!Not sure how I missed notice of your birthday, but I send you the warmest of joyfulness for the coming year!
TGB and ESP are meaningful in the start of nearly every day for me. Love it!!!

Wow! What a ton of followers you have, Ronni. I think you should be syndicated. I am glad that so many responded and it shows how very popular your blog is. I call it my morning fix and have done so for years.

P. S. To Laura: Thank you for following my blog. I deeply appreciate it. As you know, I do not post daily like Ronni. I just don't have that kind of energy or inspiration.

oops, missed the location too. Moose Lake, Minnesota...

Belated Happy Birthday, Ronnie, from a new reader.

BTW, my location is Las Vegas, NV.

Hi Ronni, As Claire Jean says above, we don't know each other but I'll bet that we've passed each other on the street... Many thanks for reaching out.

Boy, guess I've been busier than I think! Ronni yes you fun gal you--happiest of days! Hope to meet you again and more sometime. You know I live in Mt. Shasta, CA, where right now, it is Snowing...


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