The Day Before Thanksgiving 2012
The Day After Thanksgiving 2012


LOL...this graphic is so funny...! Crabby old lady is a friend of mine. :) I am thankful for her on this Thanksgiving and throughout the year. She's the BEST. I hope all three of you have a wonderful holiday (haha)!

Thanks for all you post (even that with which I sometimes disagree), and a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

Have a wonderful holiday, Ronni!

Hope all three of you have a truly happy holiday. :)

Happiness and blessings to you and yours. You're one I'm thankful for!

And to you too!!!!

I'm thankful for you

Happy Thanksgiving! Good idea to take some time for yourself.....then time for Crabby Old Lady who probably really needs the break.....and Ollie deserves a rest probably.

Have a good time !
Most people in France don' know what Thanksgiving means !
Chantal, Paris

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