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INTERESTING STUFF: 17 November 2012

When the new Congress is sworn in in January, it will be the most reflective of the U.S. in history. Among the new members are four African-Americans, 10 Latinos, five Asian-Americans, the first Hindu and first Buddhist senator, even the first non-theist. Take a look at the chart (click for larger, readable version):

You can read more about these big changes at thinkprogress. (Hat tip to Nancy Leitz)

Surely you remember what is now an iconic image from Hurricane Sandy:

Did you catch that part where the reporter said the surrounding areas were being evacuated? Well, now there is a wonderful, feel-good story about residents who were forced out of their building, The Osborne, and their super:

”...the gathering on Monday evening in the apartment building’s lobby was really a surprise thank-you party for the resident manager, John Coyne, who had borrowed a ladder, scaled a wall and sneaked back inside when the streets in the neighborhood were still closed off.

“From somewhere inside the building, Mr. Coyne sent residents reassuring e-mails saying that it had survived the storm and that their cats had been fed. And their goldfish. And their hermit crabs.”

Here is Coyne at the thank-you party surrounded by the grateful residents. (Photo credit; Yana Paskova)

Osborne super

”[In his email updates to residents, Coyne] provided more than a just-the-facts report on life in a largely empty building. On Oct. 31, he sent an e-mail that said, 'Beginning to feel a little bit like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Happy Halloween, alone in the Osborne!'”

You can read more here and the details are worth the click.

According to a Gallup survey of 177,663 American adults, there is no state among the 50 where a majority of residents are not overweight or obese.

Obesity Gallup

West Virginia, Mississippi and Kentucky win the prize for the fattest states. Colorado, Hawaii and Rhode Island are the skinniest states with, respectively, 55.1 percent, 55.9 percent and 57.2 percent overweight or obese.

Which leads me to believe that it's a good thing for the health of the nation that Hostess, maker of Twinkies, has succumbing to bankruptcy and is shutting down.

You can read more about the Gallup obesity survey here.

I've read the voice-over material in this video many times and it's even more fun with these vintage images. So, for every elder and older boomer:

Hat tip to Susan Gulliford of Hillsborough NJ Journal who suggested a few other dangerous things we survived in our childhoods:

No sunscreen
Pin the tail on the donkey with real pins
Metal-pointed darts
Hooded sweatshirts with strings

Eighty-year-old writer Gay Talese, a legend to many and a card-carrying member of the New York City elite literati, keeps a man cave in the cellar of his townhouse in Manhattan. This is a fascinating tour of it from New York magazine:

TGB reader Nana Royer sent this video of Ray Bethel and his aerial ballet with three kites at once titled Romancing the Wind. The music is Flower Duet from “Lakme” by Delibes with Joan Sutherland singing. Enjoy.

TGB Sunday Elder Music musicologist, Peter Tibbles, has apparently been spending some extra time on YouTube and has a penchant I didn't know about for cute animals. He made some excellent choices.

This, also from Tibbles, is irresistable.

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

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All very good! Love the animals and the kites were spectacular.

I'm a sucker for baby animals and puppies and Pandas are adorable. Thank you Peter and Ronni for a cute viewing.

Shared the Guy Talese piece (want his den, so bad!) and Kites were "blocked in my country". :(

As usual excellent. I was pleased to see the new folks in congress too.

Thank you.

Great Saturday piece as usual:) Thanks for the smiles. Liked the video about Gay Talese one of my favorite all time writers. Have his books among those I've saved for a rainy day. Dee

"No sunscreen" - Am I the only one who has had many cancerous and pre-cancerous places remove? It's from not having sunscreen in my day.
"Pin the tail on the donkey with real pins" - Played this exactly once during 5th grade, with much adult supervision.
"Metal-pointed darts" - Never was exposed to these.
"Hooded sweatshirts with strings" - Never saw one during my childhood!

The kites were beautiful! I don't know how one person manages them all. The video of the kids navigating their childhoods was very enjoyable. I feel bad for kids who have missed out on a wider variety of experiences in nature. I so enjoyed vicariously experiencing the joy of the pup and pandas. And, it is encouraging to see Congress becoming increasingly diverse; that can only be good news!

Great selection today. Loved the bits on Gay Talese and the adorable young animals. I did have some reaction though to the Growing Unsafe video.

Before helmuts with bikes became common and seatbelts in cars became mandatory, some young children and teenagers didn't get a chance to grow up at all.

And today the main causes of death in children aged 3 to about 13 are murder, suicide, and accidents.

My take is that the picture is not quite as rosy as was shown.

Loved the diversity chart, the tide is changing. Such great dexterity to keep those kites dancing in the air that way.

Oh no, what are you doing to my image?

We played pin the tail on the donkey at birthday parties...and were warned to be careful of the pin...while blindfolded!
And I had a dart board in my bedroom...with metal darts
And I remember the strings on hooded sweatshirts because they were so convenient to put in your mouth to suck on!

Thanks for beginning with a nod to our diversity. Let's hope we experience new air and ideas from a changed Congress.

Ten years ago Guy Talese appeared at Barnard to talk about his latest book--"Unto the Sons" about his difficult relationship with his father. Very compelling to hear him and, experience his legendary sartorial style.

That Gay Talese bit is absolutely wonderful! What in the world is going to happen to all of that info when he's gone?!? It would be a crying shame (probably) if nothing was made of it.

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