Not on the Backs of Elders
Happy Thanksgiving 2012

The Day Before Thanksgiving 2012

Feeling the need for a bit of a rest, I'm stretching out this holiday from today through Friday. I'll be back on Saturday with a new Interesting Stuff column.

Best wishes to every one of you for a happy, healthy, warm and loving Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and the people you care about most.

Stories will return to The Elder Storytelling Place on Monday 26 November


Thank you and to you. I really do pray for your health and stamina to continue your invaluable contribution- THANKS.

Best wishes to you too. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and a good rest.

Feet up, book in lap, relaxation assistance in hand... Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, Ronni. YOU are on my list of That For Which I Am Thankful <3

Same to you., Ronni!

Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy!


Thank you for the bounty that you share--a cornucopia of knowledge, courage, goodness
and fullness of life.

Thank you and the TGB community
for being the liveliest pulse
in the blogosphere.

Warmest appreciation, everybody, from the cockles of my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

Happy Holiday to you Ronni. You add to our days, and we appreciate you. You are someone to be thankful for.

I've been laboring to find the best words to THANK YOU, Ronni, and MBarstow's praise poem said it perfectly. So, thank you both, and thanks to everyone in the TGB community! Hugs from Tel Aviv

Thankful for you and all your hard work! You keep us thinking and acting.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Ronni and everyone who reads TGB.


Thankful for Ronni, as always. In spite of a tradition of giving grandchildren Walmart gift cards, this year they get Visa cards. NO Walmart for me!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all those you have brought together as readers of your blog.

Thanks for being a grand compass and la dame extraordinaire.


Happy Thanksgiving to you Ronni. I appreciate all you do!

I agree with Larry regarding WAL-MART!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Ronni. Rest up, I took a nap after breakfast this morning. Sometimes you just have to do some R&R.

In full agreement with all the comments above, I add my thanks today for your presence in our lives, for all your very hard and consistent work, for your sense of humor and reality and for your many daily gifts to us all - makes for thanksgiving every day.

Back at you Ronni

Ronni, Thanks for your steady focus on our mysterious journey into older life.

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