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The Election and the Storm

There isn't much else going on this first Monday in November other than the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and anticipation of tomorrow's quadrennial vote.

All I can say about the latter is, it's about time. I had almost begun to wonder if we had all slipped into a parallel universe of perpetual campaigning that never comes to a vote.

Interesting that it was not an American but a TGB reader in Europe who sent a link to this video produced by New Left Media at a recent Mitt Romney rally in Ohio.

Hanging out with all of you every day on this blog, I forget how hateful and pathetic some voters are.

In regard to the super storm, my heart bleeds for what I will always think of as “my city” and I've spent a lot of time in the past seven days glued to Manhattan radio stations.

A friend who lives in the blackout zone below 39th Street finally found a cell phone signal on Wednesday a couple of miles from his home and called to tell me he had learned something important: you don't die from lack of internet.

He called again Saturday to say that power had been restored to his neighborhood but still no fios leaving him to further test life without the internet – and without television too.

It's odd to realize that people living in the consequences of this disaster know less about its details and overall impact than the rest of us.

Among the destruction and ongoing distress, there was a bright note: the newfound stardom of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's sign-language interpreter, Lydia Callis, for her elaborate signing style.

Concern was expressed here and there that the attention she has garnered for her facial expressions, large gestures and ASL “accent” was disrespectful but I saw nothing but joyous appreciation of her.

Ms. Callis was such a media hit that she was portrayed in the opening skit this week on Saturday Night Live played by actor Cecily Strong who mixed together real signs with the joke ones. Take a look.

Oh, wait. For a little more fun, the SNL crew threw in a bit on what New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's sign interpreter might be like.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Marc Leavitt: Hurricane Sandy


Quote from your post:
"It's odd to realize that people living in the consequences of this disaster know less about its details and overall impact than the rest of us."

That was true during the EF4 tornado that hit my town/neighborhood. When I finally (after 2 weeks) could get online, I scoured the news sources to see how bad the tornado was in other areas. It's amazing how we depend on electricity & internet, but trust me, after a disaster you won't be thinking of it after a few days.

We don't die from lack of internet. Or TV. And it seems strange to know more than those who are in the midst of the destruction. But the most striking thing for me is how terrible the loss of life would have been without the technology that provided advance warning. Scary to think about.
Out here in north western Ohio a neighbor had no work for a couple of days. He works in a packing plant which butchers hogs and provides pork back East. First the local high winds prevented delivery of live hogs to the plant.Then transportation and delivery to NY, PA and NJ were impossible because the roads were not passable. Fuel shortages for return trips must have been a problem too.Haven't had an update.

You are right about the communication problems.

On Saturday I was talking to a business acquaintance in the next town who still didn't have electric service and I mentioned the odd/even gas distribution. She didn't know anything about it.

Local news stations were interviewing Staten Island, NY residents who were complaining that no one had come to help. The newscasters had to tell them that the help they were seeking was available nearby.

Clicking on the video got me nothing but the bird.

Yes, they are in a white out time warp. We know there is help and have even donated, they have no idea what's happening.

The Ohio Romney Rally tape would be hilarious if it were not so important that people understand the issues and vote accordingly.

Not one of those people who were interviewed could make a cogent argument against Barack Obama; they knew only that they despised him for er,um,wait a minute, for,um,tearing the country apart and for ,ah,let me think, for being a Muslim, and also because uhm,let's see,because he is a Communist who won't give them their Country back.

On and on it went. Not one intelligent word was spoken except by the interviewer.

I especially enjoyed the woman who hates Obama because he is a Muslim Athiest who went to Reverend Wright's Protestant church for 20 years,and is also a Communist and a Koran reader and on top of everything else, he hates America!

It is very sad to think that these hateful people will be out in force tomorrow to vote for Meatloaf's favorite for President....

Let's double our own efforts to thwart them....

Thanks for the SNL. My condolences on the disaster in your old home grounds.

I hope Obama got to see the SNL skit so he could have a good laugh!

It distresses me to see the uninformed young people. And the older people who want us to go back to a simpler time, but that isn't possible. The ignorance in this country is discouraging.

I hate to repeat this, but it's true: the lack of education & lowering standards of excellance in this country will do us in. I'm embarrassed to say that I live in OH again after being on the east coast for 38 years! I run into folks like those in the video every day. It's scary. To say this state is provincial patriarcial is being kinds..........sad, sad, sad. Dee

Wow! Most of these people don't know and/or can't articulate why they are voting for Romney. Makes one wonder why they cannot.

Thanks Ronni,

I just could not understand who, unless they were part of the 1%, would vote for Romney.

The rally tape explains it.

Geez, if I didn't know that the Romney video was held at a rally in Ohio I would have sworn it was held in the upscale Las Colinas area here between Dallas and Ft. Worth.

Add me to the list of those commenting here about the sad state of intelligence among American voters. If the people on this video are representative, we are in a real mess. To not be able to do anything but spout platitudes and urban myths on the subject of whom you rupport as the next president of the United States and why, and to simply make stupid attacks on the current president is pathetic.

On the other hand, the SNL reouting was delightful. The cast and writers have done such a good job of their campaign parodies. It's about the only thing connected to the campaign that I'll miss.

That SNL video was hilarious. Gov. Christie and his interpreter had me laughing out loud. Thanks.

Those Romney supporters are all saying the same thing. They are hate filled racists.

I have to give partial blame to the media for choosing those particular people about their voting preferences. And I cannot totally blame people who are not expecting to be interviewed for being inarticulate when put on the spot. That said, I do believe that those people are representative of the populace at large who do not follow politics and are not aware of the issues and how they will be affected by this election. Many of them, IMHO, are Republicans because their fathers and mothers are Republicans and so were their grandparents and great-grandparents. These are salt-of-the-earth people who work hard trying to make a living, many of whom have never lived outside their own communities unless they were in the military. The issues today are more complex, especially the economic issues, and all these people see is that things are bad in America and that Obama has not magically fixed everything immediately. They do not see that the entire world economy is wobbley right now and that Obama does not have the power to change things without the cooperation of Congress. There probably is some racism present, too, but they are too politically-correct to mention it, thank heaven.

On to victory!

Oh, let's spread the love: there are plenty of clueless Democrats too. Being under-educated, ill-informed is an equal opportunity mindset.

Fortunately for our future, said with crossed fingers & toes on Monday in the West, we can vote for Obama!

I heard from someone who knows and performs sign language, she said that facial expressions are an integral part of sign language. Facial expressions are used to convey intonation, feeling, mood, importance, and a variety of other expressions that we speakers take for granted. Without facial expressions a particular statement could be mis-interpreted as something else. No example was given.
Thought this tidbit of information was interesting and worth sharing.
And as far as the SNL skit, I know it probably offended many, Marlee Matlin was offended I read, but sometimes you just have to go with the funny.
Just sayin'

It is not possible for me to sympathize much with these Romney supporters. We liberals are all too ready to overlook their deficits in matters of informed opinion and human kindness.
Anyway, Romney trying to groove to Meatloaf was the humor high point of the clip from his rally. He must feel that he is really slumming to share the stage with that guy!

All I can say is, let's hope for the best tomorrow: a decisive Obama victory. We may not know the results tomorrow night, but maybe we'll have a fairly good idea. I shudder to contemplate how we in the 47% would fare in Romney-Ryan World, and I sincerely hope we will never find out! The Supreme Court would lean so Far Right that they might well fall off the edge of the Earth (seeing as how it's flat, of course).

Funny the way the Romney supporters said people in countries outside the USA have no respect for Obama, when polls taken in the last few days show the only country whose citizens, when polled, were hoping that Romney wins are those in PAKISTAN. (So much for the Muslim brotherhood theory.)

In Canada a CBC poll taken this past week indicates 90% of Canadians are hoping that Obama wins. I won't go so far as to say we Canooks are praying to our various divinities (being multi-cultural and all) for an Obama win but some of us (the dangerously radical Buddhists) are meditating on maintaining compassion and equanimity, no matter what the outcome of the election.

There is a great deal to be said for the Parliamentary System. Our federal campaigns are mandated to be a minimum of 36 days in length, and rarely run more than 50 days due to strict spending/ donation restrictions. Parliament is dissolved, everyone campaigns like mad for five-six weeks and that's it.

The reporter was asking a trick question.....no one knows what Romney's plan is including Romney. I used to think I liked people but now I'm not so sure. We are a mean group of mammals. The SNL video was hilarious.

Oh my. That video. Those people don't realize that THEY are a laughing stock all around the world. It's embarrassing.

My big hope is that the Republicans will come to the table next time with a SERIOUS candidate AND that the citizens will get smarter. :)

I was referring to the Romney Rally video, of course.

This morning I found out what my friend was referring to when she said John Boehner would not cooperate.

Basically, he said nothing had changed in the Republican position. No more taxes on the wealthy, etc.

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