“The Commitments We Make to Each Other”

In Honor of

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the presidential inauguration celebration and arrival of a houseguest chez Bennett, this has been declared a day off from blogging.

We will return to our regularly scheduled posting on Tuesday.

The mini-hiatus also applies to The Elder Storytelling Place.


Three wonderful events!

As a writer, I would like to echo the encouragement here to listen to the Inaugural speech. Words can sometimes call us to a reality that seems impossible.

But it's not.

The speech was wonderful. Fox news headline: ....> Obama declares "Hands off Entitlements". Hooray!


The very best thing I heard during the Inaugural Speech was said by the President's biographer.

He almost whispered "I can hear his heart beating."

I wonder if he could hear mine,too.....

Enjoy your day off and your guest!!! You deserve it!!!

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