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INTERESTING STUFF: 16 February 2013

Whatever color name you prefer, P.G. Wodehouse had this to say about those who don't like having it:

”There is only one cure for gray hair. It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called the guillotine.”

To help prove that gray hair is not to be despised, Vicki Topaz photographed a whole bunch of old women with gray hair and and produced a video too.

I have one question: Where do these women get so damned much thick, long hair? Or, conversely, how many are wearing wigs and don't tell us?

You can see many still photos of a wide variety of gray-haired elder women at Vicki Topaz's website.

Amazingly huge gold nuggest was found in Australia recently – 11 pounds. Reports say it is worth $300,000. Geez, I would have guessed more. Take a look at it:

You can read more here.

I have no idea how many cities, like New York, require certain restaurants to post calorie counts of their food. Filmmaker Casey Neistat noted that the NYC health department does not require the count to be accurate. So he checked on several restaurants. Here is the result:

I have never believed the calorie count on any package of anything which is one reason (among others) I stick almost entirely to fresh food. You can read more about Casey Neistat's experiment here.

My friend Kent McKamy sent this video of panhandlers on the No. 4 train in New York City. From my 40 years of subway travel, I recognize every type – well, except for the Ferrari guy.

On Tuesday, the Senate passed the Violent Against Women Act by an overwhelming margin, 78 to 22.

If there were any decency, it would have been 100-0. You should memorize the names of the 22 senators, all men, all Republicans, who voted against VAWA because they are not on the side of women:

John Barrasso - Wyoming
Roy Blunt - Missouri
John Boozman - Arkansas
Tom Coburn - Oklahoma
John Cornyn - Texas
Ted Cruz - Texas
Mike Enzi - Wyoming
Lindsey Graham – South Carolina
Chuck Grassley - Iowa
Orrin Hatch - Utah
James Inhofe - Oklahoma
Mike Johanns – Nebraska
Ron Johnson - Wisconsin
Mike Lee - Utah
Mitch McConnell - Kentucky
Rand Paul - Kentucky
Jim Risch - Idaho
Pat Roberts - Kansas
Marco Rubio - Florida
Jeff Sessions - Alabama
Jeff Thune – South Dakota
Tim Scott – South Carolina

The House says it will have it's own version of VAWA in a few weeks. I can't wait to see what that vote will be like.

I don't watch any kind of ball games, but I had been known to read a book during the Super Bowl and look up to see the commercials. That was back in the day when they were really clever and I haven't paid attention in recent years.

This year I checked out some of the commercials online, the few that got the most praise and wasn't much impressed. Instead I was reminded of a current “regular” commercial, so inventive and utterly charming that it still delights me after two months of frequent viewing. Take a look.

Don't you love the look on the lion's face when he stops at the teller's cage.

Given the gray hair video, the lion commercial above and now this animated short that is in contention for an Oscar this year, a case could be made that I just like black-and-white films. Hat tip to Bev Carney for sending this titled, Paperman.

It was good to see House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, in a news interview last week, emphatically oppose raising the eligibility age for Medicare. Take a look:

We are going to need a lot more than Pelosi to help protect elders' earned benefits especially since President Barack Obama thinks chained CPI for Social Security is just a “technical change.”

It is much more and definitely worse than that. What can you expect from a person who still believes Social Security is an “entitlement.”

Nikki Lindquist of From Where I Sit sent this adorable puppy video:

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” in the upper left corner of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I probably won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog if you have one.


Why Would Anyone Oppose the Violence Against Women Act?


Ronni, I got a laugh when I saw your comments about the Chase lion commercial. I hate that commercial. That twenty-first-century kid is way too old to think that a real lion is being "tele-transported" and not understand the twenty-first-century technology involved in, basically, scanning and faxing a paper check.

But you were right about the lion's expression. I had never closely paid attention that far into the commercial.

Love the puppy learning about stairs. Friends who work with rescued racing greyhounds often have to teach the dogs about stairs.

I agree about the age of the kid, but the inventiveness of the commercial among the 99 percent of the rest that are intellectually and creatively dismal makes is delightful.

Ditto on elder women's long, THICK gray manes.

Love the gray hair video. Wish mine mine would hurry and turn all the way. The gray looks very silvery, fortunately, but being mixed with dishwater blonde in about a 60/40 ratio doesn't do much for it. I've thought about coloring it all gray, but then I'd have roots to retouch.

Repeating Steve's comment, why on earth would anyone vote against a Violence Against Women act?

The puppy video made my day. The adult dog looks very much like mine, and I've had two puppies a lot like the little one. Their problem was going UP the stairs -- their fat little bellies would hang up on the step they were trying to climb!

I was in line at the grocery store the other day behind an older woman who had that gorgeous, thick, beautifully styled, almost white hair and I told her how beautiful I thought it was. She turned around, thanked me, and then commented how much she liked my hair, which is thin, fine, but a nice combination of blond and white, and wavy. We talked about we both wanted the other's hair at some point in our lives.

I don't like the chained CPI (after all, as it is, "they" keep telling me that inflation has been low for the past several years while I have observed double-digit-percentage changes in many prices!) but I think that one's position on raising the age at which full SS can be drawn depends on what one thinks SS is supposed to do. To me, it is supposed to be a safety net - not a single-payer retirement system. As such, I think it reasonable to raise the age (and to do a little means testing).

Physical jobs can bring worn out bodies before 67+...The wealthy & office workers, etc may fare better..It all remains to be seen...I was forced to retire early due to a work related injury. It has lowered my income permanently.My employer was trying to save money by cutting safety measures. Once you can no longer do the job....you are out.

Another great Saturday morning offering. Aren't the women of Silver beautiful!

Glad you picked up on the gold nugget. Ballarat is where I live - one of the most historic cities in the Land of Oz and the site of one its most historic gold rushes and most significant mining rebellion! Ballarat is part of Victoria's famous Golden Triangle. News such as this pleases us all. After 160 years, some of us are still pulling it out of the ground!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Silver Hair video!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing......

Thanks for the calorie "truthout". This former dietitian is not at all surprised that there's a lot of lying out there. Caveat emptor.

Still waiting for the grey to get going in earnest. Just a few wisps at 77. Genes, I guess.

Loved the Silver Hair video. I don't think my hair would look very much like that of most of the attractive women in the photos. Generally, they're 10-20 years younger than I am, and I applaud their decision to go silver--although it's one I haven't yet made.

As far as "chained CPI", despite reading a variety of articles about it, I'm still not certain what effect it would have on current middle-class retirees like my husband and me. We definitely couldn't afford to forfeit any significant amount, but we could probably manage on a few dollars less per month if we had to (unlike many older Americans, we have excellent retiree health coverage). I feel strongly that, IF chained CPI is enacted, it should NOT apply to anyone:
1. For whom SS is the sole source of income;
2. Whose income is less than $60K/year, especially if they have high out-of-pocket medical expenses.

However, before chained CPI is even considered, the earnings cap must be eliminated and tax loopholes for wealthy individuals must be closed. Tax breaks for profitable corporations doing business in the U.S. must end.

Getting a little gray in my late twenties in the 1960s, had a moment with the Clairol bottle to keep the brown. Gave it up on first pregnancy, let it grow long. Children had older-looking mom before it was "popular," now in their forties are graying themselves with young children. And so it goes.

More importantly than our hair, I want to thank you for that list of Troglodytes in the Senate who voted against VAWA. It must be awful to be a woman in those states most of them working to eliminate abortion services and social services for all manner of citizens.

I say this sadly as a Texas writer, but Ted Cruz really does seem to be shaping up as the next Joseph McCarthy.

Here's Cruz' problem: he was born in Canada. Thus ineligible to become President, thus unlikely to be restrained by anything because he has nothing to lose as long as he gets good press for the Republicans back home.


What? Men don't have gray hair?

When I try to open the "Paperman" video, it says PRIVATE.

Yeah, well I didn't expect it to be available for long especially since it is a Disney production. They keep a tight hold on full-length videos.


Found the siler hair video a bit double-think. She doesn't like the subterfuge of colouring hair but many of the women had carefully applied face makeup. I personally prefer to visit my hairdresser once a month and have her transform steel wool into soft brown hair but I'm not bothered about makeup. Each to their own!!

Sorry, that should have read "silver" not "siler"...

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