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I'm taking the rest of this week off from blogging. If there is ever going to be a new Elderbloggers List and some other fixes needed to the backend of Time Goes By, this is the only way to get it done – relieve myself of turning out daily posts for awhile.

Everything at The Elder Storytelling Place is new this week and I'll leave you a little something here to keep it all going until I get back.

Today, it's song Peter Tibbles sent. The Statler Brothers singing The Class of '57 - one year before me – recounting what happened to the members of that class.

Statler Brothers - The Class of '57

When did you graduate from high school? Do you know what happened to your classmates?

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Arlene Corwin: Even Pain Takes a Rest


I graduated in 1943 and I still keep in touch weekly with one classmate and with others once a year. We were a hardy bunch and will be holding our 70th High School reunion next summer or fall. It's iffy whether I will attend or not because it's held in Colorado Springs and flying is not my favorite thing to do these days.

I graduated in 1954 and have contact with only one member of my class. I did attend the 50th reunion in 2004 despite living in several different states for most of the years since I graduated.

Many of the attendees at that reunion had not moved very far away from Pasadena, CA and some seemed to maintain closer contacts than I have.

Graduated in 1961. I have connected with three friends on Facebook, and for our 50th reunion (the only one I went to), we four had a table together, with our spouses, which made it fun!

Instead of graduating from High School, got my first MRS.

Graduated,with honors from college at age 51. After 2 more marriages and divorces. Then hit the road as a Full Time RV'r.

That life is still happening!

What a great song! And this line sums it up really well for me:

" . . . and things get complicated when you get past eighteen."

I was high-school class of '55. The Korean War was winding down, the Cold War was in full of sound and fury, not to mention fear, loathing and paranoia over Communists lurking.

My father, a blue-collar oil-field driller with a ninth-grade education and a Depression persona, thought I would follow him to seek that good money, $2.35 an hour with no benefits. Instead I achieved an appointment to Annapolis, spent the next 26 years in the Navy and then had a second career as an engineer.

Forest Gump was right, life is like a box of chock-lets. :smile:

well, I guess I have to respond, because I was in the class of '57, and graduated that year from Eastern High School in Baltimore, at that point an all-girls' school. I was so eager to be free of high school and on to college that I think I never looked back. Except to keep in touch with one friend whom I had known since elementary school, and we are still close even though we live far apart, she in NY, I in MN. I also remember going back once to Eastern for some reason or other and feeling all the constraints I had felt when I was there as a student. I was just looking forward in those days -- and felt no nostalgia at all.

This morning a Facebook friend posted this quote from Joan Didion: "We are all well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not."

Two hours later you "blind-sided" me with the "Class of '57", which always makes me teary! Thanks, I guess.

In my Class of 58 at a small- town Minnesota high school, we thought of all schoolmates
as classmates. Still, I haven't stayed in touch, though I continue to live within 20 minutes from the
hometown. Go figure!?

1955 - Read about a few of my classmates on Classreport.org. Haven't seen any of them since 1966 at which time I ran into a classmate in a grocery store 1/2-way across the country from where we had last seen one another.

I graduated in 1958 in a class of almost 700! There have been regular reunions, and someone started a class web site about 10-12 years ago. These days, most of the news concerns classmates who have died. We're having a 55th reunion in September here in Albuquerque -- at the 50th, we decided we'd hold reunions until one person is left. BTW, I am still very good friends with several high school chums, none of whom live closer than 800 miles away!

I guess I'm the youngster here today with the class of '62. One difference we have is that our "years" correspond to the calendar year (summer vacations are the end of December, January and a bit of February). I went to two high schools, one in the country for the first three years and the rest of the time in the city. Oh, another difference is we have primary school (years 1 to 6) and high school (years 7 to 12), none of this middle school nonsense.
I've kept in touch with only one person from the later school, but about half a dozen from the earlier one. Maybe people make more of an impression when we are younger.

Class of '57. Half the young women in my class were married and parents by age 20. Not me, though

Class of '61, all girls, 50 year reunion was in 2011. 1/3 were dead. Mainly breast cancer.

None of us had changed that much. Some had married wealthy men. Most were very glamourous, Laboutin shoes as tall as your knee, high breasts on display and mostly very blonde heads and tight, tight dresses.

I was still the hippy and had travelled the furthest to be there.


Finally graduated after a 6 year "sabbatical" in the USMC. Class of '59.

Sacramento High, 1954. Lost touch with classmates after marrying in '56. Had many life changes, 4 kids, two more husbands, college degrees, short career, 9 years sailing the seas, and stuff. Landed back in No. Cal. in 2000, did the 50 th reunion in '04 and reconnected with one special friend. These days, reunions have given way to funerals for times to get together. Sigh...

Graduated from a town in Minnesota in 59 - didn't go to any reunions, although I have continued to stay in contact with 6 of my high school friends and we get together about four times a year....My class also started having a class brunch once a month and I started going to that...really interesting and if I could just recognize people.........It is good to make contact with people that one hasn't seen in 53 years!!

My class of '53 had 77 grads. I'm in touch with a half-dozen via blogging and e-mails. Haven't been to many reunions--too many old people at them lately. Our 60th is coming up this fall. May relent and attend this one just to see how many are left standing.

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