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When I was a kid, a lot of old women had blue hair, the result of too much rinse to counteract gray hair going yellowish.

Now, actor Helen Mirren has a much better idea which she showed off on 10 February at the BAFTA Awards (the British Oscars) in London. Take a look:


Russian fishermen in the Sea of Okhotsk caught sight of a dog stranded on a way-too-small ice floe. Thanks to those brave fishermen, Dzulka the dog was saved. Watch.


...of Americans who do not know that the federal deficit is falling faster than at any time since the end of World War II?

According to Campaign for America's Future and other sources, the deficit

“...is down about 50 percent as a percent of GDP just since Bush’s huge $1.4 trillion fiscal 2009 deficit. And the deficit is projected to be stable for a decade.”

Even so, just about everyone in Washington and a whole lot of other places are screeching about the how the deficit is killing the country.

Read more at the link above and here too, and you might want to let your legislators know too.


Like the dog on the ice floe above, here is another tale of an animal in need, with humans to the rescue. In this case what is fascinating is that the shark appears to have sought out the humans for the help he (she?) needed.

Take a look. (Hat tip to Nikki Lindquist of From Where I Sit)


If you are anything like me, you always wondered how those ubiquitous Scooter Store commercials could promise that with their help, anyone, anyone at all, could get a scooter and Medicare would pay. Well, just as we suspected, it turns out that's unlikely to be true.

Last week, the FBI stepped in:

Before the raid, a government audit had found that between 2009 and 2012, the Scooter Store had overbilled Medicare by $100 million. You can read more here.


Powell's book store in Portland, Oregon, is justifiably famous for its vast collection of books - millions. Mainly because the store's section on aging is pitiful, I would rank Powell's slightly below a similar store, The Strand, in New York City. But there are plenty of people who would disagree with me.

There are not many stores in the U.S.or even in the world as big as Powell's and the Strand but I was still surprised when Nikki sent me this two-page layout in her local paper in Sweden about Powell's.



It is pretty well understood now from many studies that learning any new things will help maintain healthy brains as we get older. Now there is one study reporting that learning to use Facebook will sharpen one's mind.

”Preliminary research findings from the University of Arizona suggest that men and women older than 65 who learn to use Facebook could see a boost in cognitive function.”

Of course, I cannot say if that's true. All I know is that for me it's harder to understand Facebook functions that it would be to learn to speak Klingon so I don't bother. Have you noticed my mind slipping? You can read more here.


There's not much to say about this video. It's just a man, his dog and a motorcycle. Enjoy.


There are a lot of animal videos this week. It's just the way things fall sometimes.

This one comes from TGB's assistant musicologist, Norma, about a bearded dragon playing an iPhone game. Each time I watch I wonder why the dragon doesn't get hungry and frustrated.

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” in the upper left corner of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I probably won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog if you have one.


Good videos, esp. the ones about the animals. Love seeing them rescued.

I think they are right about Facebook and I also think you would do just fine on it. I really enjoy it.

Interesting about the deficit. I did not know that but I am not so surprised either. I think some powerful money forces manufactured the financial crisis during Obama's 1st turn in hopes of preventing a second. I think things will get better now and those powers will take credit in hopes of turning the next election.

Love the Pink Hair, but then she's still young. Not sure how it would look on a 76 yr. old with wrinkles. LOL.......but then it's worth a try, I guess. :)Love the animals, too. Dee

All good stuff -- esp. the call-out on the Scooter Store. However, while I agree that learning new things is good for us, I wonder if FB is the best way to do it. Most of what I see on there is junk. Better to read a book, or take up knitting or woodworking?

Ha! Love the dragon playing Ant Catcher! Between my laughter and the funny music, my 22-year-old son (back at home, again - Sigh...) actually got out of bed before noon to see what I was watching!

The Scooter Store seems to be another robber group, and I'm sure they are not the only ones. Small replacement parts for medical devices are priced astronomically. I'm guessing large monies are siphoned out of Medicare this way but God forbid we pay for anyone to keep on eye on it.

You make us both smile and laugh today. Powells is wonderful but they don't have the early 20th century writers I collect. I still visit every time I am there. The dog and dragon are wonderful, but maybe it is facebook that keeps my brain in sync. I do the ACS Discovery shop page here, and every change brings me to a halt for a while.

This was an especially entertaining Saturday matinee. Thanks for corralling all this Interesting Stuff!

How DID that whale know to get help from humans?!

Steven Brill's article about our health care situation acknowledged that medical devices are a known rip-off for Medicare. We can help offset some of this chicanery by purchasing our own used items from thrift stores and Craigslist if any are needed before an elective surgery. Our relatives could help too, by finding them for us when we need them unexpectedly. No cost to you because you can resell them when you're done with them!

I keep wondering when we'll see some acknowledgment of the Brill expose by the White House.

Now off to read the articles about the deficit....

You just provided a good excuse for my Facebook time! ;-) Actually I got on there primarily to keep up with what was happening with my kids and their families (my sons don't post much, but their wives do). Lots of other good stuff in here today, too...several items that I shared on...yup...Facebook.... ;-)

If you and I ran a "stable deficit" over the next 10 years we'd not end up in a good place.

Every year that there is a deficit, without any attempt to pay down the national debt, that debt grows. Ultimately, the service on that debt (the interest that must be paid) will exceed most other expense categories and leave a smaller amount to pay for things the country needs.

Please make sure your legislators focus on BOTH the deficit and the debt, and let's all learn carefully to understand the difference between the two.

Love the pink hair. Have always heard that pink is the one color that flatters any complexion.

The whale shark story is amazing. I'm left wondering if these leviathans are more closely related to dolphins than sharks. Have to check Wikipedia on that.

And the Scooter Store story just confirms what we already know -- there are huge savings to be had simply by cutting out the existing abuses and corruption in the system.

I actually blogged about the possibility of cutting my hair short and dyeing it pink. I love Helen Mirren and am impressed and thrilled with her step to the "wild side". Always interesting to stop in on Saturday to see what you've assembled.

"Perspective" has the right perspective on the national debt. Too many of our tax dollars are required to service the debt, and that is getting worse by the day. We need a balanced approach of increasing tax collections and cutting unnecessary expenses to once again create budget surpluses and reduce the debt to a more reasonable level.

I loved the animal rescue stories. My heart needed warming today and that did it. And a good laugh over the dog on the motorcycle and the bearded dragon. Thanks.

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