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Saturday, 21 December 2013

INTERESTING STUFF – 21 December 2013


If you see this without explanation, you'll think it is just too weird to be bothered with – some chubby guy in a pink tutu.


See what I mean? But then you dip your toe into the story a bit further, it becomes beautiful:

”You see, this is Bob Carey. Bob’s wife has cancer. She was diagnosed with it in 2003 and The Tutu Project (as it’s now officially called) began as a way for Bob to express himself and make his wife smile. Then, it turned into something much bigger.

“So Bob finds different locations and takes pictures of himself, topless and sporting a fluffy, pink tutu. It helped Linda, his brave wife, smile while she was battling cancer.”

The video tells you much more:

More photos and more about what Bob and Linda are doing at The Tutu Project website. (Hat tip to John Brandt)


Our own musicologist, Peter Tibbles, sent along this video of amazing optical illusions that even the cat enjoys:

There is more explanation and another video here. And at the YouTube page there are links to images you can print and try the illusions yourself.


Last week we showed you Christmas Simon's Cat Part 1. The is the followup.


So that it should not slip by unnoticed, Marc Leavitt has sent us a sonnet for the event:

The winter time is nearing; raise your glass on high;
Prepare the meal, and let the beer and wine be drunk
To celebrate the shortest day and longest night,
On this time before the coming of deep winter.

The light dims near the edges of the darkling earth,
As men dance and sing to praise the westering sun;

You will have to go to The Elder Storytelling Place to read the rest of it.


Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg is making amazing miniature pictures on eyelids. Here is a Christmas example:

Tal Peleg eye makeup

You can read more about Ms. Peleg here and see a lot more eyelid art on her Facebook page. (Hat tip to TGB reader Suz)


Darlene Costner sent this, created by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The whole 12 days goes on way too long for me to sit still so here's the short version:

If you really must have the long version, you'll find it here.


If you have ever tried to cook a dinner that satisfies every guest's food requirement, you'll love this.

When reader Donna sent the video on Thanksgiving Day, she apologized for it being late. But since the parody is set to a Christmas song, I think it's just as appropriate for this week's holiday.

Full lyrics can be found at YouTube.


I can't stay awake that late so I may need to start recording late night host, Jimmy Kimmel's program – he is doing some interesting comedy lately.

This is his take on how Fox News might promote their annual broadcast of the Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life.


Nothing much happens in this video and it's pretty silly - just a porcupine eating pumpkin. But it makes me feel happy every time I watch it.

There are more videos of Teddy Bear the porcupine and you'll find them here. (Hat tip to Darlene Costner)


Thursday was John Oliver's final appearance on The Daily Show and Jon Stewart surprised him with a retrospective of his seven-and-a-half years. He's a brilliant comedian and deserves his own show that he will soon have on HBO. It's been a great run - take a look:

The Daily Show
Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook

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What fun these are - am blown away by the artistic realms of people, like the illusion, "Wonder Life.." - hilarious, pink tutu & Daily Show - heart-warming, making-my-day types to watch. Your Saturday posts today were terrific, tugging and thrilling my heart and mind this early dawn.
Thank you! Happy Solstice everyone!

John Oliver certainly deserves his own show. I'm just disappointed it's on HBO, which I do not subscribe to.

Everyone enjoy the Kimmel piece while it's available. His classic take on a political Peanuts Thanksgiving a few years ago was pulled off YouTube and now is nowhere to be found.

John Stewart is not only hilarious, he has promoted other talented comedians to stardom and I love them all. I think John Oliver is the very best and wish him luck on his new show. I don't have HBO so I will miss it.

Bless Bob Carey for making his wife laugh and going to such great lengths to do so.
The daughter of a very dear friend of mine just started chemo and is have a rough time of it. Anything to lessen their suffering is most welcome.

Love Mr. Tutu! Brilliant, loving, helpful.

...or the summer solstice for some of us.

What fun! Thanks!!

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