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INTERESTING STUFF – 18 January 2014

End-of-Week Musical Interlude

It's been about 15 years since I last had a flu. Even then, in my late fifties, I recall being irritated that I did not bounce back as quickly as even five or ten years earlier. Although I returned to work, it was two or three weeks before I was returned to full energy.

That is as true this time but now I don't feel obligated to pretend to be back at full capacity quickly.

Yesterday, Thursday, I was particularly tired so I took the day off to snooze and nap and rest. That's why you get a musical interlude provided by TGB's resident musicologist, Peter Tibbles, for just such a circumstance as this.

It a lovely, gentle, little tune from Peter, Paul and Mary that I'm sure you are all familiar with:

♫ Peter, Paul and Mary - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Sondra Terry: The Perfect Two Dollars



I read your blog often, but I rarely comment. I have finally learned how to allow my body to call the shots when I am ill.

Your health is what allows you to write this wonderful blog. Just kick back, sleep, watch mindless movies, read light stuff, do what you must do to take care of yourself. Even if you were not to post a word for two weeks, your readers will wait.

Take care of yourself.


Get well soon.

Take care of yourself! We don't bounce back as quickly as we used to do...or maybe the virus' are just stronger than they used to be. I got a mild case of the flu around Christmas and I'm still not back to full energy.

Sorry you're still feeling so wiped out! Hope you continue to improve, if slowly. Naps are good medicine!

Thanks for the Peter, Paul and Mary. I still love their sound...and that was 'my era'. Sad song, though.

There seems to be a virus going around that our flu shots did not protect us from. A relative in San Diego wrote me that many people are sick there. I'm sorry you caught it. Use this down time to be good to yourself and do what you have to do to get well.

Rest up. We got the virus in spite of flu shots and I am still sleeping 9-10 hours a night. Its nasty stuff, be gentle with yourself.

Just take it easy and don't worry about us. Get well. :) Hugs.

So sorry you are feeling punk!
Unfortunately it DOES take time to get back into action.
This post is really about medicines and prescriptions--better late than never. I cannot say enough good things about Costco--look it up and you can price every item you need on line--without being a member. In my own case my eye drops were costing me $200
plus (2 teeny, tiny bottles)
at Costco $6 or $8.00 and they are mailed FREE when needed. If you have to have it in a hurry then you will pay postage. It's unbelievable and so convenient! While lying in bed fool around with Costco
you WILL start to feel better
And by the way having had two cataract surgeries--easy and
no side affects. Good luck.

Thank you for the Peter, Paul and Mary. Rest up and get well, Ronni ~ We will all wait for your return....

I've been recovering from acute gastritis (I believe brought on by use of large doses of ibuprofen after having two teeth extracted). I am rarely sick, but trying to get back to normal has taken me months.

I'm only 66 and generally in good health, so I was surprised that it's taking me so long to get better. Perhaps it is my age and previous poor eating habits that are causing the long recovery time. I used to skip a lot of meals, living on caffeine and nicotine, but I'm having to confront the fact that I have to eat more healthily...

I've been dragging all winter with one thing or another and it's still hanging on as a cough. Can't seem to shake it, but I keep thinking how much worse it might have been had I not gotten a flu shot last fall. If only everyone else had!

Pamper yourself is all I can recommend. All the sleep you need or want, good food, fluids, etc. We all know it takes longer to recover now, and we'll all be waiting for you.

shoulda played traffic's "feelin alright? not feelin too good myself"

Thans for the music.
Are you taking enough grape juice, at least two cups a day in a period of flue?
Having lots of water?
Resting and resting?
be well, dear

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