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Ennui and a Senior Moment

Yesterday, a friend labeled his email to me “ennui” and I realized that may be the exact word for what's wrong with me this week.

Not that I am without physical symptoms of the bodily disturbance sort best left unmentioned but also not so sick that I shouldn't be able to write a blog post – particularly one for which I have put actual thought and made notes.

Except. Except that my mind is fuzzy, distracted, slow and I don't seem to be capable of the sustained concentration needed to get words onto paper in a coherent order.

So it is the age-old question of which came first – the ennui or physical symptoms. Of course, it doesn't matter and is hardly worthy of sustained inquiry.

No musical filler today. Instead, an occurrence that undoubtedly is most appreciated by people old enough to have experience with senior moments:

This morning, as usual, I set the stove timer to remind me when my oatmeal would be finished cooking and then continued working through the email that had accumulated overnight. I have lots of practice with this maneuver; I've been doing it for many years.

At what turned out to be three minutes shy of when the timer would ding, I went to the kitchen to check on it because I sensed the timer might have gone off and I had ignored it.

Now isn't that special.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Henry Lowenstern: Birthday Wish


I put my timer right next to my keyboard and still don't hear it if I'm super involved in what I'm reading or writing. So you are not alone. LOL

Timer? What timer. I wait til the smoke alarm goes off.

Timers are a marvelous invention. All my range interactions are governed by timers. Sigh!

Depending on what I'm doing, I'm likely not to hear a timer that dings only once. I need the kind that will annoy me with beeps or buzzes for a couple of minutes.

My empathy on your ennui, Ronni. I'm just pulling out of a low-grade upper respiratory something-or-other myself -- during which I had the attention span of a gnat.

I'll see your "ennui" and raise you two "Weltschmerz".

Always grateful for a good laugh...thanks!

Ah you should see the scattering of timers here. :) Hugs.

It sounds like your internal clock was working just fine.

In November I set my alarm for the morning that I was to fly out. As it turned out, my inner alarm went off first and I forgot to turn my real alarm off. Due to my hearing loss, my alarm turns a light off and on to wake me. I never did turn it off and it was still ringing when I returned from my trip two weeks later. The expensive new light bulb had burned up and I probably reduced the usable years on my clock. Sigh!

As for ennui, I suffer from that all the time now. Concentration is zilch.

Wishing you a quick recovery. Timers do become part of the background noise here sometimes-so we do have a lot of the annoying kind that keep beeping until they get attention. Usually some mumbling and grumbling as we go to attend to them which is silly because we are the ones who set them to annoy us!

Just want to say I've had the same kind of bug. Mine starts--before symptoms--as depression, and then the malaise. Not so intense I can't function, but I don't want to and need to sleep a lot. At the same time, I'm relieved that I'm since rather than depressed. Yuk.

Although I've not set an alarm clock since 1976, I do use a kitchen timer to remind me of things - usually cooking. However, since I am like Jean in placing the timer near my keyboard, I frequently find that I turn it off and continue to finish the sentence on which I'm working. And the paragraph. And the posting....If I'm lucky, I'll "wake up" before 30-60 minutes have passed.

so glad to see so many of you needing timers! unfortunately for me my timers, even the one my daughter got me to hang around my neck only remind me once and i am prone to thinkng that i will take care of it "in a minute" when i finish what i'm doing and then totally forget till i smell something burning. my sollution for cooking was the nuwave oven and i want to get the burner that has a timer and a temperature control. after a few years the oven just up and died one day, but i will replace it! i call it my easy bake oven.

hate to be awakened by an alarm and usually if i have to get up early will set the clock for radio or tape. in any case i usually wake before the clock lets me know.

i've always had a hard time with remembering with or without a timer...just get too involved with the other things i may be doing...but it has gotten worse.

I put a pot of tomato soup on the stove, forgot about it, went to check the mail box.

Oh no.

Soup boiled over, looked like a crime scene.

Smelled like a bag of skunks.

Took me an hour to clean the stove, the pot..

Husband walked in "what's that smell?"

I gave him that Lucille Ball "it wasn't me."

i think we are all normal human beings in this respect. nothing to be unduly concerned about except for the mess we make! we may be more honest about our human defects than many others...

Very timely! I've just finished soaking and scraping and scrubbing the well-burned remains of what would have been my oatmeal this morning out of its pan. I gave up and cooked another batch in a Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave. At least it's not as bad as the time, when I was just switching from microwave to range-top for my oatmeal, and on 'auto pilot' I put the metal pan of oatmeal in the microwave and turned it on.... By the time I realized it, *that* pot was toast. The microwave still works, but it smelled like scorched plastic pot handle for a long time!

We have lots of timers around here . . . somewhere.

Oh My God! The post and the comments couldn't have come at a better time for me. I just asked the doctor yesterday if the medicine I'm taking causes memory and concentration problems. Thanks so much for the post and the comments

Very good timing indeed!!! My latest is because my incontinence has gotten so bad I've begun setting a timer (with my cell phone)to alert me to take a "potty break" whether I need to or not....I started with every 45min but now I set for 1 hr. ((hugsto all) Tricia

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