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INTERESTING STUFF – 11 January 2014


My part of the U.S., northwest Oregon, escaped the extreme cold that plagued most of the nation early last week. The extreme sub-zero temperatures produced an avalanche (sorry) of odd news coverage. Here are several:

You might have caught one of the dozens of weather reporters and ordinary people who couldn't resist the boiling water freezes trick:

At Huffington Post,

“...scientist and author Dr. Ainissa Ramirez explains that the hot water freezes - changes from a liquid to a solid - as soon it comes into contact with the cold air. That's why the water appears like mist; it's no longer water but many tiny ice crystals.

"The same can happen if you toss out water from a cup from the ledge of the building. The people below will never feel it, because the water will freeze on the way down (to something like snow)."


Anybody can build a snowman but the Bartz brothers – Connor, Trevor and Austin – spent 95 hours building a 60-foot shark in their Minnesota front yard:

There are many still photos at Buzzfeed and here's another video showing how they built the shark. Well done, guys.


Yup. Hell really did freeze over last week – that is, if you believe hell is in Michigan. Take a look:


Last Monday, I wrote a blog post detailing what long-term unemployment means in real life to real people. A new study from the Urban Institute delves deeply into the consequences for individuals:

“Workers who have been out of a job for longer than 27 weeks typically see their incomes fall by 40 percent,” explains the Washington Post, reporting on the study.

“Even if they do find a new job, it tends to be lower-paying, and their long-term earning prospects are usually impaired. These workers tend to have worse health, higher rates of suicide and strained relationships with their families.
“They see a massive drop in self-esteem. Their children do worse in school and earn less over the long run.”

The entire study is here [pdf].


You might remember back in 1971, when the entire files of a Pennsylvania FBI office were stolen revealing that thousands of Americans were being spied upon. The burglars were never found.

Now there is a new book, The Burglary, by the Washington Post journalist, Betty Metzger, who first reported, in 1971, the FBI spy operation based on the stolen documents.

There is a big story about the burglars and their operation at The New York Times along with this fascinating Times video that includes interviews with the burglars and Ms. Metzger. Fascinating.


I don't know what else to do with this photo. But I couldn't get it out of my head and there's no explanation at Naked Capitalism, where I found it, except that the horse was “brought inside due to cold.”

So let's have a caption contest. Leave yours in the comments below.

Horse on Sofa


According to Mediaite, Fox News anchor Bret Baier joined some Real Clear Politics guys on their morning commute to work and told them the story of this awkward event at work. Just silly fun.


Surely you've heard of the upoming Supreme Court case involving the Little Sisters of the Poor nuns who do not want to be forced by the Affordable Care Act to pay for employees' birth control medication.

Daily Kos posted this cartoon about what might happen if the idea were to be applied more widely:

Health Care Religion Cartoon


Absolutely nothing happens in this video. Just infinite cuteness.

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"Hey, Gran, could you change the channel?"

Great stuff! Love the kitten and the horse especially.

for caption contest:

1. "Anything in the want ads Agnes for a dog and pony show?"

2. "You're carpets look like they need a cleaning Agnes"

"Mr. Ed. What's yours?"

"Are you finished with the Arts Section yet?"

Umm, any mention of this in the Sports Section?

Which came first, the upholstery in the living room or the horse of the same color?

The Burglary video was fascinating and especially so with the Snowdon news unfolding.

Awww, the kitten is adorable

Going to Hell in Michigan involves a 95-mile auto trip from our home. The weather was pure hell around here last weekend.

It's a "Lap" horse

Caption: The elephant in the living room is smaller than I thought.

Just lovely stuff today, thanks. I was also riveted to the video about the FBI break in. Hoover's action could have been at the core of some of our problems in the late 60's thru 71. Parinoia and FBI in the mail box indeed.


Will you finish the NY Times puzzle...it's time for Downton Abbey!

"Excuse me, Mildred, do you mind if I smoke?"

"What do you mean, you don't have an X-Box?"

"Hey, Mabel, what would you say if I told you that I accidentally ended up on this couch ON TOP OF YOUR CAT?"

"Could you please point me to the nearest men's room?"

"Is it 5 o'clock somewhere yet?"

"wanna horse around?"

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