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Mid-Week Musical Interlude

Having contracted some kind of mysterious malady, I spent most of yesterday dozing in bed so there is not the post I had intended to write for today.

Instead, I have made use of a cache of musical interludes that our weekend musicologist, Peter Tibbles, once sent me for just such a circumstance as this.

Given how I feel, I found just the right kind of tune - a gentle little song to soothe a fevered brow. Well, that part's a lie. I don't have a fever but it sounds good to say.

From Nat King Cole with his Trio, This is My Night to Dream.

♫ Nat King Cole Trio - This Is My Night to Dream

See you tomorrow.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Vicki E. Jones: Going Blonde


I hope you feel better soon. I also did not go out yesterday. For me, it was the clouds and rain after all that sunshine.

Take care of yourself. Will miss your writing today and look forward to your return.

What a great recording. I had never heard that song before. The intimacy of the recording was amazing--it sounded like Nat was sitting in the room with me.

Get better and be good to yourself.


Do you think your mysterious malady could be plain old exhaustion? Take a nice rest, you deserve it.

I loved the Nat King Cole song. I had never heard it either. I saw Natalie Cole in the Pasadena Rose Parade and she looked and sounded wonderful. Nat would be very proud of her and she looks just like he did.

Bummer !!! I'm sorry you are feeling punk. Take very good care of yourself and heal quickly.

Here's to a speedy recovery!

Hope you're well again soon. What a lovely song!

Just take it easy and come back when you are energized. Warm bed Syndrome is allowed especially if you have something. :)

You can never go wrong with Nat.

Memories gone by

Hope you get well soon...

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