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INTERESTING STUFF – 15 February 2014


It seems so cruel, doesn't it when someone dies, that you realize you thought they were already dead. That happened to me this week when Shirley Temple died at age 85 and Sid Caesar at 91.

Shirley Temple Sid Caesar Public Domain

These two, each one in their day, were stars as big as the British royal family is today or Kim Kardashian or Kanye West and, well, there are so many more stars these days than in my youth.

The New York Times did their usual good job of reminding people who Shirley Temple and Sid Caesar were once upon a time.


Darlene Costner who, you will see, is well represented in this list today, sent this beautiful, clever and, given Sochi this week, appropriate car commercial.


Darlene sent the link to this online Pew Science test. Thirteen questions which, they say, only seven percent of the population answer all correctly.

Ahem. Moi is now a member of that select group and here's the proof – a screengrab showing in tiny print at the bottom, “You answered 13 of 13 questions correctly.”

Pew Question 13 correct

Actually, I quite surprised myself - science is not my strong suit. You can test your science knowledge here.


Maybe this crow could answer all 13 questions correctly. Take a look at this video from the BBC:

You can read more here.


As Jim Hood, who emailed this video, wrote: “You really must imagine what this was like had you been there.” As the YouTube page explains:

”Every night of the All State Choir conference [in Louisville, Kentucky] at about 11pm, everyone comes out to the balconies of the 18-story Hyatt hotel to sing the National Anthem.

Take a look – and a listen:


And into a pigpen. The person who posted the video explains that he found the camera eight months after it fell from a sky diving plane. Silly, but it makes me laugh.


It's just two months until tax day but there is help.

The AARP Foundation Tax Aide program offers free tax help to people age 60 and older in more than 5,000 locations throughout the United States.

It's a simple form to find a location near you – you can do it with just a Zip Code. When I tried, 48 places within 10 miles turned up, each listing with address, phone number and days when the service is available. By appointment only so you know you'll get your turn.

Check locations near you at this webpage.


A restaurant owner in Enid, Oklahoma, refused to serve what he calls “freaks, f*ggots, disabled or those on welfare.” Take a look at the local TV news story and/or read more here.

As you undoubtedly noticed, Gary James has a very long list of people he hates. In a case of near-perfect, turn-the-tables, deserved retribution, the gay community on Facebook, Twitter and all over the web posted such reviews of Gary's restaurant as this from Yelp:

”Best gay restaurant in Oklahoma City. The chef used to work at the Hilton downtown and many of his dishes are now at home here. Sunday night is beer bust and you'll see more than enough men wearing only underwear and drinking budweiser.

“Don't be afraid to come just for drinks. the bar area is always hopping and the shirtless bartenders are hot hot hot! Some of the hottest men OK has to offer.”

That's one that can be printed on a family-friendly blog but we're all grownups here probably won't be shocked by less circumspect comments about the restaurant at Yelp.

I haven't been able to find a followup to this “advertising campaign” to see how it's turned out for the bigoted restaurant owner.


Hat tip to Darlene Costner again for this beautiful video about pollination. It is from a feature-length Disney film, Wings of Life which you can learn about here.

Meanwhile, enjoy this gorgeous video from the film.

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The gorgeous russian commercial aptly depicts how we do love to anthropomorphize the objects we create. ;-)

I only got 12 out of 13...back to school.

Congrats on the 13 0of 13 science questions Ronni. A couple of questions i felt were not likely to be common knowledge to the average person who takes a general interests in the physical sciences.

I was fortunate enough also to score 13 of 13 but that likely stems from the fact that I am currently enrolled in a MOOC course dealing with climate change.

12 out of 13! Made my day as did the video about the crow. About a year ago, I had one visit my front door every am, same time & had me conditioned to checking on who was knocking..........I finally caught him in the act. They must have a sense of humor, too! Dee

The difference between Sid Caesar and Shirley Temple and your examples are they had a talent. Why are Kim & Kanye even in the news anymore? I scored 12 on the test - better than I thought I would do.

13 out of 13 here, too. One was a semi-guess, though.

Isn't that crow amazing? I posted him over at my place a few days ago and wondered if I'd have done as well on the test as he did. Sad, eh?

I remember watching Sid Caesar on "Your Show of Shows" when I was little, but I've no idea what he did after that. Surely he wasn't idle all these years. Producing, maybe?

What they did not show you in the car commercial was how, afterwards, the two SUV's went back to the garage, put their tail pipes together and made a Fiat 500. "Oh honey, the kid's honking again. I think he needs an oil change".

Shirley Temple...My HER-O! She was 3 years my senior...
I wanted to BE her, not like her!

The year she was "Grand Marshall" of the Rose Bowl Parade, at age 6?, I sat on my
Dad's shoulders and waved at her! She waved back...just for me! Yes she did, I know she did!

GREAT offerings in TGB today, love every bit of it....well except for the Redneck!

Congratulations on those 13: I got 11 and am embarrassed. Loved the driving, enjoyed the depth of the singing, was amazed at the crow, and really disliked the bigot. You offer such a wide range of things today that you really have us all stirred up. :)

Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca were co-stars and I was fortunate enough to be visiting my friend in NYC when the "Will Rogers Revue" was playing. Imogene and my friend were very close friends and she joined us at the theater to see the play and for dinner at Sardi's after the show. She was nearly blind at that time and I never met a nicer, friendlier or more generous person. To my dismay I learned that Sid had been very unkind to her. I know you should not speak ill of the dead, but I will feel sad for Shirley's death but not Sid's.

I hope that Gary Jame's bar goes bankrupt due to lack of customers. I think the gay ad for his bar is a clever way of getting back at him.

I loved the quiz and got 12 out of 13 correct.

The one I had wrong was "Electrons are smaller than atoms" True or False.

I said False because when I was in High School in 1943, my science teacher dismissed in a few sentences what you could now spend a lifetime studying. He told us in no uncertain terms that the atom was the smallest thing in the World and also, you could NEVER split an atom.

I wonder what the scientists in Los Alamos were thinking when they heard that!

If you are going to have quizzes, I demand essay questions (LOL). Then I could have weasel-worded my way around the one I got wrong instead of making a wild guess.

By the way, I'm gabbygeezer, not gsbbygeezer so someone in your ID Department got one wrong, Ronni. Cheers.

13 out of 13 as well (I would have been embarrassed if I didn't).

11 out of 13, good grief Charlie Brown. Quite an array of tidbits today. I remember my family sitting around our Hoffman Easy Vision Television and watching Sid Caesar. Caesar was one of the few my Dad would watch although he did like Ernie Kovacs too. He'd just laugh and laugh.

12 of 13. Don't think I ever knew what gas was the largest constituent part of the atmosphere. Now I do.

I got 11 out of 13 and it made me mad. I didn't go with my gut for one of them and that's where I went wrong.

I really want to know how the gay-hater chef fared after that campaign.

Loved the choir; I saw that on Facebook.

12 out of 13 for me. You and Darlene have outdone yourselves in today's feast. Wonderful stuff!

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