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In last week's Interesting Stuff, I referenced a survey that found 10 percent of Americans believe html is a sexually transmitted disease.

Wrong. Or, probably wrong. Like the Los Angeles Times and other media outlets, I did not fact check the story and there is a good reasons to question the survey as a possible hoax.

Media ethics website, ImediaEthics, has the whole story if you want to wade through it.

My apologies to readers for being too quick to publish.


Darlene Costner sent this charming – and amazing – Honda commercial. Watch:

Honda made another video about how the commercial was created – well, sort of. They don't answer a lot of my questions but it's fun to know that even the hands are animated.


I never have believed those business gurus who promote multi-tasking. Any time I try, I screw up something I'm doing. Now here's a video that explains why multi-tasking is bunk.


Some filmmakers gathered together a bunch of people who didn't know one another and shot some footage of them while they kissed each other – strangers – for the first time.

Alan Goldsmith, who sent this video, says that the comments at YouTube were divided between those to were charmed and others who were repulsed.

See what you think.

Here's my question: Why aren't there any old people in the group? Don't the the filmmakers think old people kiss?


Early last week, Getty Images announced that it had made 35 million of it vast collection of images available to anyone to use on their personal, noncommercial or social websites and pages without paying a fee. As thenextweb explains:

”Getty Images will serve the image in a YouTube-style embedded player, which will include full copyright information and a link back to the image’s dedicated licensing page on the Getty site.

“This strategy solves several major problems: It assures proper image attribution, the images link back to the Getty site, and Getty can track where and how the images are being used.”

Here's an example I pulled from GettyImages.

PC World explains how to get the code and embed it and here is my personal hint: most of the available images are “editorial” so check that box (instead of "creative"). And roll your mouse over an image to get the embed link (</>) that will open the box with the code to insert on your page.

Here, too, is the GettyImage main image embed page.


A few of our more enlightened legislators in Washington are trying to raise awareness of the value of single payer health systems. Last week they held an important hearing to investigate what we can learn from countries with such plans.

This video contains edited excerpts from the hearing:

You can view the entire 90-minute hearing at C-SPAN.


Darlene Costner send this video. Take a look. It will be either your Wow moment of the day or depress you with proof of your insignificance.


This year is the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web which is not the same thing as the much older internet. Tim Berners-Lee is credited with creating, in 1989, the Web and four years later, when this now-quaint video was made, it was still a novelty.

Pew Research has a 25-year timeline of web milestones here.


I'm kind of tired of people who are handy with animals being referred to as whisperers but it seems to apply big-time in the case of Kevin Richardson.

Larry Beck of Woodgate's View blog sent this video. It's longer than most videos I feature but you'll hardly notice the time passing.

You can find out more about Kevin Richardson at his wildlife sanctuary website.

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” in the upper left corner of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I probably won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog if you have one.


Thanks, Ronni, diverse and very interesting stuff!

The First Kiss video has spawned (pun intended) several very funny parodies (including one from Jimmy Fallon) and commentary which can be found if you Google “First Kiss.” It turns out that the original version had a subtle marketing message behind it and used strangers who also happen to be models, actors, and musicians. Still -- to my mind at any rate -- their experience doesn’t seem a whole lot different from that of couples featured in supposedly more “realistic” versions. I suspect that the genuine feeling and delight so many individuals take in kissing a stranger has a lot to do with self-selection. Those who can’t bring themselves to participate -- for whatever reasons -- don’t show up in the experiment's results.

While the Getty initiative is certainly a boon to bloggers, it will probably end a promising revenue stream I was just beginning to develop with a non-profit who wanted to use my photos on its blog. Yet another example of how digital technology and market strength is driving change.

Love the Getty Image...........not sure I will use it (thanks for the hints) but the photo you chose is lovely. Thanks & have a great w/end. Dee

Vermont's single payer plan may pave the way for better understanding of how our health care system can improve.

The bitter opposition to Obamacare shows how selfish many Americans have become.

Bless Bernie Sanders for never giving up on trying to bring the U.S. into the modern world by having a single payer health care system. If we could get the profit out of health care we could insure everyone at a much lower cost. Even with insurance we still pay much more for our health care than necessary.

Great stuff today and understanding the brain has always been a fascinating subject for me. The TED talks are really super.

Don't worry about getting "punked". Just because the numbers may not be accurate does not mean it isn't true. Until i knew better I thought HTML meant Hot Meat Lasagna.

Going to hang on to that clip about not being the center of the universe and use it next time I get into one of those conversations with people who think the universe revolves around what they think. :-)

Loved the videos--especially "The Universe" and the Lions!
How absolutely wonderful to earn the trust of these magnificent creatures. BUT how on earth do you get over the fear factor in the first place?
As far as 'selfish' about Obamacare, both my daughters, one a musician and the other an artist, no children have both been dropped from their
Medical insurance--unless they can/want to pay double the premiums (of course that includes Pediatric care and Maternal services). They cannot afford it! No way! Is that selfish or uninformed?

So angry about the 'selfish' comment by people who aren 't affected.
Did want to compliment Darlene especially--where does this incredible person come up with these great videos?
Thanks Darlene.

Thanks, Ronni, great posts! The lion video was incredible; I could almost feel my heart skip a beat when the first lion came bounding up and jumped at Kevin Richardson. Yikes, but so beautiful and joyful! The 25th anniversary of the Internet is a bit mind-boggling; I can hardly remember what life was like before it.

What a beautiful relationship he has with the lions. Never would have believed it.

Kissing looks like fun. I'd forgotten.

I am mesmerized by the Lion Whisperer who teaches that connecting and sharing this planet is through touch, play, and respect, and not using chains and unspeakable tortures.

I, too, want to thank Darlene for her abundant quality sharing here.

The Guardian film critic's comments on 'First Kiss" are rather amusing:

Ronni, I thank you, my grandsons thank you, and the others to whom I pass the incredibly varied "interesting stuff" you share thank you. It's a few minutes of simple joy each week. Please keep giving us these moments.

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