Old and Fat – Facts of Life

Of a Holiday, Contest Winners and a Favorite Elder

Henry Lowenstern regularly contributes five-line ditties and limericks to The Elder Storytelling Place. He sent one for today's green holiday.

A Bit of Irish History
St. Patrick checked out all the lakes
of Ireland, playing ducks and drakes,
and turning reptiles
into exiles.
That is why WE have all the snakes.

Here is a short video of 10 interesting facts about St. Patrick's Day. I never knew until today that we are celebrating not St. Patrick's birth, but his death:

Last Thursday, TGB held a drawing two copies of geriatrician Bill Thomas's new book, Second Wind and two pairs of tickets to his Second Wind Tour Live Event in 25 cities throughout the U.S.

And now, we have some winners. The books go to Donna Thorvaldson of British Columbia and Leela Sarada who lives in New Mexico. Congratulations to both of you and your books should arrive before the end of this week.

The tour tickets go to Joanna Pyle who will attend the event in Seattle. There is another winner who has not contacted me yet. If I have not heard from the second winner by tonight – 17 March 2014 at midnight Pacific Daylight Time – another winner will be chosen by random electronic drawing.

UPDATE 6:30AM: The other Second Wind Tour winner has spoken up. She is Lesley Carman who lives in Michigan.

Congratulations Donna, Leela, Joanna and Lesley.

Millie Garfield, who has been blogging for more than 10 years at My Mom's Blog by Thoroughly Modern Millie is one of the first bloggers I met in person and a good friend.

We had lunch when I visited Boston for a day in 2007 and her son, online video pioneer Steve Garfield, took this photo of us.

Millie and Ronni 2007

(My god, I was fat then.)

Last Friday, Millie underwent what Steve calls “fix-up surgery.” On Sunday, he posted a photo of Millie in the hospital with a note that she is doing "extremely well" and having some laughs with the doctors – which sounds exactly like Millie; she loves to laugh. Steve also notes:

”They are unhooking her from things and she's going for three walks today. Might get discharged Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for your thoughts.”

This is great news especially so knowing that Millie is 88 years old. Let's all help her get well soon with some cheery messages at her blog.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mickey Rogers: On the Golf Course


Thanks Ronni!

Congratulations to the winners! Thank-you Ronni for the contest and also today's movie clip of facts.

Green is(was) considered unlucky in Ireland and St. Patty was not born Irish?

Begosh and begorah! What's next? Obamacare, vilified today by Republicans, is a rewrite of a Republican health care option back in the 1990's? :-)

Happy St. Patty's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Ronni.

About that picture of you and Millie. You were NOT fat;you were just easier to spot than you are now.

Millie, Get well,feel better and write soon.

I am so sorry to hear about Millie's surgery and will go to her blog to wish her a speedy recovery. I'll bet she keeps the doctors and nurses laughing all day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of Ronni's followers and to you, Ronni. Lift a pint of Guiness to TGB.

Hard to believe that the official St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC still doesn't welcome gays.

Seems like something out of the stone age. And hardly legal?

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