Opening Day of the Second Wind Tour
ELDER MUSIC: Celebrate the Curves



This British film is the story of Nick and Meg Burrows, a pair of academics, who spend the 30th anniversary of their no-longer-wonderful marriage in Paris.

Le Week-End is funny and sad and poignant and lovely – think of it as an elder romcom. Here's the trailer:

It's a wonderful relief to watch a good movie about elders that does not involve Alzheimer's disease. The actors – including the couple's American friend played by Jeff Goldblum – are sublime and Le Week-End has won a slew of film festival awards. You can see it now playing in cities throughout the U.S.

Read more here and check for theaters near you here.


In all my nearly 73 years, I had never heard of frost flowers until Darlene Costner sent an email with a whole bunch of photos.

Frost Flower

They are made of fragile ice and from the information I tracked down, it is a rare phenomenon that requires an exacting combination of just the right temperature, humidity, wind and other natural particulars. Here's another photo:

Frost Flower2

I found a video from a man who was lucky enough to have an entire field of frost flowers bloom a few years. It is gorgeous.


Jim Stone alerted me to this story – well, satire – at The New Yorker website this week. A small taste:

”I put a quarter in the siren. Ten minutes later, I was on the scene. It was a normal office building, strangled on all sides by public sidewalks. I hopped over them and went inside.

“'Home Depot™ Presents the Police!®' I said, flashing my badge and my gun and a small picture of Ron Paul. 'Nobody move unless you want to!” They didn’t.

“'Now, which one of you punks is going to pay me to investigate this crime?' No one spoke up.

“'Come on,' I said. 'Don’t you all understand that the protection of private property is the foundation of all personal liberty?'

“It didn’t seem like they did.

“'Seriously, guys. Without a strong economic motivator, I’m just going to stand here and not solve this case. Cash is fine, but I prefer being paid in gold bullion or autographed Penn Jillette posters.'”

Go read the whole thing. It's frighteningly funny.


Nothing to say about this except that he always tells the truth and you will laugh out loud.


I haven't thought of them in several decades. Never thought there was a reason to remember them even though there was a year or two a long time ago when you couldn't avoid them on radio and TV. We'll forgive you if you skip the video.

However, if you ARE a believer in the Monkees, they are on tour again this spring. You can believe it. Find out more here.


About a year ago in Interesting Stuff, I showed you some still photos of men in Congo and some other African countries who, for more than a 100 years, have dressed themselves in classic elegance. They are glorious looking.

daniele-tamagni photo 1

As I explained then, many if not most work in menial jobs and their de rigeur haute couture labels don't come cheap.

Now, thanks to TGB reader Laura Gordon, we have a mini-documentary about these “sapeurs” made by the Guinness folks who explain:

”[The men's] bold choice to live an unexpected lifestyle is a source of celebrated originality and positivity. Their life is not defined by occupation or wealth, but by respect, a moral code and an inspirational display of flair and creativity.”

Take a look. You won't be sorry.

You can find out more about these men here.


The U.S. National Institute of Aging is a division of the government agency, the National Institutes of Health (NIH). There is a lot of good information for elders at their website.

Just this week, I discovered they are offering an exercise Guide and an exercise DVD designed for elders. Both are free, available in English and Spanish and you can order them here.

I ordered copies this week but there has not been time for them to arrive yet.


My general attitude toward all giant corporations is to distrust everything about them. Here's one morally repugnant reason from Cadillac:

And here is what Ford Motor Co. did in response:

I'm not saying this makes Ford necessarily superior – but the commercial buries Cadillac and it's good to see a humane point of view from one of the big guys. Also, it's clever, a very well done comeback.

Hat tip to Marian Methner who I think blogs at MovingoutGranni but I screwed up my notes and there is no name at the blog so maybe I'm wrong.


It's been a while since we had a really good cat video but today, thanks to readers Ali and Darlene Costner, we've got an adorable one.

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” in the upper left corner of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I probably won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog if you have one.


Lovely Saturday moments today, thank you, Ronni (and co.!). I'd seen the Cadillac and Ford ads and was infuriated by the obnoxious obliviousness of the Cadillac ad and filled with admiration for Pashon Murray and grateful for the brilliant Ford riposte.
Couldn't see the SNL clip ... we used to get a written message saying "this video is currently unavailable in your location"; now it's been "upgraded" to a twitty voice message. Pazienza.

Those frosted flowers are amazing!

Oop! I mean frost flowers. Color me embarrassed. Again.

Laughed all the way thru the Ford ad in its fabulous humane parody of the Cadillac ad, which I've always disliked in its testosterone driven cluelessness. Thank you for starting my day off right!

Thanks again for the start of a good w/end & for you as well. Dee

Great Saturday post Ronni. Hope Le Week-End shows up closer to us. Loved the clip on the "sapeurs." I wish dress was more creative and less casual myself sometimes, although my primary criteria for clothing is comfort and washability. ;-)

As to Le Week-end, in addition to agreeing with all your positive comments, I was also introduced to Lindsay Duncan, the 63-year-old star. I already knew about Jim Broadbent's marvelous acting skills, but she was a discovery. She is stunningly wonderful. See
--a fine piece in the NY Times about her.

The Ford commercial is cute.

because I don't watch a whole lot of TV, I had missed the Caddie/Ford commercials until today. Is that Cadillac commercial for real?(!) Wow.

As always, I enjoy your Saturday Interesting Stuff, Ronnie - especially those cat videos...keep 'em coming.

Louis CK reminds me of George Carlin and maybe he is emulating him. Guess it's the beard and dark sweatshirt. Whatever, he is funny.

Loved today's videos. The film looks great, and I can't wait to see it. I had never heard of frost flowers, but they are like some magical, poetic, gorgeous gift of nature. The cat and ducks video gave me goosebumps; everything about it was wonderful! And the Ford commercial was a brilliant retort to that of Cadillac. Thank you, Ronni, for all of this first-rate entertainment and edification.

The frost flowers are exquisite. How did I live 71 years without hearing about them?

And the Monkees. Hey, hey, they're the Monkees. Or were before Davy Jones died. Won't sound the same without him, but I hope their tour goes well.

I could go on ... this was a particularly rich Saturday, Ronni. Thanks.

Rich indeed. Loved it all. Thanks, Ronni.

Good selections, all, especially LIBERTARIAN. I think that might have inspired me.

Cats and ducks, yay, I had both as childhood pets.

Thanks again for compiling these for our pleasure.

Awed by the frost flowers.
Thought-provoked by the Cadillac/Ford ads.
Teary-eyed and smiling at the cat video.
Another wonderful pot-pourri of topics.

Thanks for the review of "Le Weekend". I looked it up in the city we're visiting next weekend, and now know where we'll be one evening.

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