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Where Do TGB Readers Live?

Yesterday, I received a note from long-time TGB reader, Laura Gordon, with whom I've exchanged email now and then over quite a few years. I was surprised to learn that she lives in Florence. Florence, Italy, that is.

I had just assumed she lives in the United States and she never said otherwise. (I've now discovered that Laura and I did discuss her location in the past which tells you something about my old-lady memory.)

Even though I can tell from the stats that there are regular readers from several dozen countries, this is mostly a U.S.-centric blog. Still, I was surprised to see, when I checked yesterday, that only about 80 percent are American. Last time I looked – admittedly more than a year ago – it was more than 90 percent U.S.

The other top countries represented are U.K., Canada, Australia and France with a few readers each from Italy, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa too.

So, because I booked way too many appointments yesterday, I was in need of a quick-and-easy blog post for today and thanks to Laura of Florence, Italy, I have a simple little assignment for you today:

Tell us where you live: city, state or province and country.

Since respondents are self-selected, it won't mean anything in terms of real numbers in each country or city but it will be nice to see where the people with names we recognize from the comments live.

Me? I'm in Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Vicki E. Jones: The Miracle Dog


Derby (suburb of Wichita), Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA

Blog friend since 2005 (according to my old-lady memory).

Springfield , MO, USA

SW Missouri, near Branson, MO. Great area to retire.

Inman, South Carolina

Blog friend since 2006.

Austin, TX

Prairieville, Louisiana, USA

Hello to another Linda (above) who lives in Springfield, MO, where I grew up.

Tel Aviv, Israel

State College PA USA

Cape cod, MA and Sarasota, FL

West Palm Beach Fl

Highland Park, NJ

Yorkville, Illinois

Kansas City, Missouri

Muscle Shoals Area, Alabama
Sheffield to be exact

Southfield Michigan
Detroit suburb

Lancaster, PA, USA

Auburn, California

Milton, Wisconsin, USA

Wilbraham, Massachusetts

(Next door to Springfield, the home of Doctor Suess - aka Theodore Geisel)

Omaha, Nebraska

Black Mounntain, NC, USA
near Asheville, NC

Ames, Iowa
during weather tolerable 7 months;
Mission, TX otherwise

Central (yes, that's the name of our small town, not the area), South Carolina

Ventnor, NJ USA (next door to Atlantic City)

Grosse Pointe Park, MI (right on the border of Detroit.)

St Augustine, FL
The oldest continuously occupied city in the country, and beautiful besides!

Pinehurst, NC

Texas Gulf Coast. Fort Bend County. About 30 miles from Houston. We are in the midst of the spring wildflower bloom and the hills and pastures are covered in bluebonnets and paintbrushes. Gorgeous!

Greater Grand Rapids, West Michigan, USA

Baldwin, Long Island, NY, about 20 miles from Manhattan

Greencastle, Indiana, USA

Bridge-of-Allan, Scotland, UK

Englishwoman living in Cadiz, S.W. Spain

Petaluma, CA

Amityville, Long Island, New York

Manhattan, KS (though I'd rather be back in Utah). There seem to be quite a few of us in the heartland

Plymouth Meeting,PA.
Near Valley Forge
Suburb of Philadelphia

Round Rock, TX north of Austin

Burlington, Vermont USA

Yonkers, Westchester County New York USA. Just north of The Bronx, NYC.

And yes, even my stupid blog gets hits from places as diverse as Greece, Viet Nam, China, Guam and New Jersey. The scope of the internet never fails to amaze me.

Now: Hendersonville, NC
Later this year: Venice, FL

Fort Worth, Texas (not Dallas!)

Iowa City, IA

SKP RV Park, Lakewood, NM between Roswell where the
alien's landed and Carlsbad,
where the Spectacular C-Bad Caverns are located.

Lewisville (NW Dallas suburb), Texas

Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA

Up the hill and across the county line from Albuquerque. Yes, we ARE a part of the US, you CAN drink the water, you do NOT need a passport to get here, we DO speak English, and green chile is a staple in all our foods!!

Vancouver, Washington. USA

Houston, Texas

Emporia, Kansas. Last year I moved back to my old college town. Perhaps the best decision I've made in decades.

Living in and loving the desert in Tucson, Arizona.

Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

Denton, Texas (north of Dallas-Ft.Worth)

Ciao to you all. Since you know where I live, I'd just like to say thank you, Ronni. Wherever we read you from, we are grateful fans and very appreciative of you, your blog and the other contributors to this sanctuary of sanity built on lots of hard work and dedication and complemented with fun and music - thank you, Peter Tibbles.

Tucson, Arizona, USA

Hello, Sidney.

Houston, TX, near the back gate of Johnson Space Center.

Rockaway Beach, OR

Seattle, WA now, but I grew up in Salem, OR, went to Lewis and Clark in Portland, have biked from L&C to Lake Oswego and back, and had family in Lake Oswego. Also lived overseas for 8 years, but I enjoy being back in the Pacific Northwet... at least from March through October....

Orofino, ID Idaho close to
WA border (Lewiston ID/Clarkston)

Colby, Kansas USA....just a small town in western Kansas.

Rockville Centre, Long Island, NY

San Francisco, CA since 1970 (born in Detroit in 1946)

I live in Dumfries, Va but my heart is in Massachusetts

Roseburg, Oregon USA

San Carlos, California, about 20 miles south of San Francisco.

Ronni, Mary and I are now permanently in Tucson, Az. And from many others I see they too are in Tucson. But, we'll see you in L.O.

I live on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Ventura, Ventura County, CA (a coastal city of about 100,000 between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.) Born in San Francisco in 1946 and raised in Berkeley and Alameda. Came to UC Santa Barbara in 1964 and stayed in the area.

Munich in Bavaria/Germany.
The land of THE Oktoberfest and the Worlds Best Beers.
And we are surrounded by the Alpes and beautiful Lakes.

Troutdale, Oregon - Gateway to the Columbia Gorge.

Phoenix, Arizona (NE part ) since I remarried in 2009

North central Wisconsin. A great place to raise kids but after this winter I would rather be back in Florida or Hawaii.

I love Cadiz, and I graduated from Yonkers High School. Fun to see people who live in places that are part of my life.

I live in Sun City West, AZ, after a somewhat nomadic life.

Dallas, Texas [not Fort Worth! LOL]

Plainwell, MI, USA--about 90 miles from Hell (Michigan, that is).

Amsterdam, NL, EU

Portland, Oregon. In the midst of packing up our big house in Eastmoreland and downsizing to a condo in NW Portland. Very liberating to let go of so much stuff.

Phoenix, Arizona

Minneapolis MN
Love spring, summer, and fall.
Winter - not so much.

Walla Walla, in the remote SE corner of Washington State. Ex-pat Seattle, and former resident of Portland, OR, Rockaway, OR, Honolulu. and Westport, WA. Family moved a lot, parents spent last 25 years in Lake Oswego, OR. There's more than anyone wanted to know.

Maryville, Tennessee, in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Reno, NV since 2012. Before that -- NYC and central NJ.

Beacon, NY

Lady Lake, FL
originally from Englishtown, NJ
30 years ago

North Bend,
Washington--30 miles east of Seattle

I've lived in the Washington, DC area since 1959, and never once worked for the Federal government.

I live in Seattle, Washington. I grew up in western Pennsylvania, went to school in Missouri and lived in Indiana for 10 years before deliberately choosing Seattle as my home. People laugh when I tell them I chose Seattle for the weather, but it's partly true. I'm not a big fan of the sun and I like cooler temperatures. I've been here for more than 30 years now.

As of 2 months ago, Tarpon Springs, Florida. Before that, Needham MA for a couple of years, and before that near Peterborough NH. I've led a peripatetic life and loved it.

Oceanside, California (north coastal San Diego county)

Temple City, California in a wonderful assisted living facility where I am finally making headway in the battle to replace "elderly", "seniors", and " old people" with "elders".

Harbert, Berrien Co., Michigan on the Indiana-Michigan-Lake Michigan border. Love your blog!

Sunny (and overly dry of late) San Diego, CA

Another Tucsonan

St. Paul, Minnesota. I've lived in a number of places, began in Baltimore, studied there and in DC, commuted to the Twin Cities from Madison WI for far too many years, have lived chunks of time in various German cities, Hamburg, Munich,where I also taught, and over a number of years, in Leipzig. This current winter has almost convinced me to move elsewhere where the climate is more humane...

I'm in Palm Desert, CA
Loving TCG & ESP!!!
Any SoCal residents want to gather at a central location???

Denver, Colorado

Vista, San Diego County, CA

Beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Love your Web Site and never miss a day.

Menlo Park, CA

Just south of San Francisco, but with great, sunny weather

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States. I'm laughing at Joy's post about NM above. No it isn't Phoenix either! It is at 7000 ft and snowing today. I was in New Hamshire last month and a woman I had just met started worrying about my living amidst all the drug wars.

Williston, Vermont since 2001. Prior to that mostly Niagara Falls, NY (think upstate NY near Buffalo). Wanted to be near one of our 5 offspring. One daughter drew the short straw, but we're all loving it. TGB makes my day.

Hull, England
UK City of Culture 2017!

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