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Elder Vampires in Our Future?

A few days ago, this headline dropped into my mailbox:

Young Blood Reverses Age-Related Brain Impairments in Old Mice

Who could resist clicking that link? Don't tell me you are not, right now, envisioning Bill Nighy as the vampire Viktor in Underworld. (Or something similar.)

Ever since the oldest baby boomers hit age 60, journalists have been predicting a generational war between young and old. This is one ghoulish way it could happen:

”New research finds infusing aging mice with the blood of young mice appears to recharge the brain so it functions more like a younger one.

“...senior author Tony Wyss-Coray and colleagues...found [the old mice] performed better in spatial memory tests than older mice that had received plasma from other older mice, or none at all...

“This part of the brain [hippocampus], Prof. Wyss-Coray explains, is the part you use when you are trying 'to find your car in a parking lot or navigate around a city without using your GPS system.'”

Professor Wyss-Coray says they do not yet know if this will work in humans but hopes to set up trials soon. You can read the full report of the research study at Medical News Today.

Undoubtedly some enterprising screenwriter has the movie script halfway finished. I wonder if Bill Nighy is up for another go at playing Viktor the vampire.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Cassie Rogers: Dessert in the Afternoon


I saw that one the news and they were talking about it possibly being a new treatment for Alzheimer's. Wouldn't it take the fear out of aging if we knew that keeping our brains healthy could be as simple as getting some new blood in our veins!

I saw that too. First do old mice act differently that young mice.

Second.. Older people get blood transfusions all the time for medical reasons. Logic says some blood from from young people. Any signs older folks act or feel like younger after recovery from medical issues?

Of course we all knew this was coming. After all, how can all of those TV shows and movies be wrong? I guess we old folks should be prepared for the consequences that will come if this study proves the same for humans as it does mice and by consequences I mean dental work. Unfortunately, the people who will benefit most from this new vampirism no longer have the choppers to do it right, but take heart, I am sure Medicare, Obamacare, or Medicaid will cover it, at least for the first couple of pints. Besides, you don’t need a full set of dentures, just those two big canine teeth. B.T.W., if any of you young,healthy whippersnappers out there want to earn a couple of bucks ,my blood type is “A” positive.

A couple nights ago I attended a lecture at Weill Cornell Medical Center in NYC about latest developments in Alzheimer's Disease. They spent quite a bit of time discussing this very subject. The mice were actually grafted to one another, however. (Wow, I wonder to whom I'd choose to be grafted?)

Gives new meaning to the pronouncement, "What we need is some new blood around here."

Don't even need those canine teeth, Bruce. I watched some of True Blood in its early seasons; blood could be bought in bottles. As if the urban myths (are we sure they even are?) around stolen organs weren't bad enough. Ronni when you used the headline "Crabby Old Lady Laments the Future", I had no idea how bad it was going to get. Yikes!

The article conjured up a ghoulish image in my mind of old folks walking around with a small child grafted to their bodies. This will come after parents sell space on their newborns' foreheads for advertising.

Next we elders will be labeled 'blood suckers' by the young.

Hmm, must be why Keith Richards is still around.

"Undoubtedly some enterprising screenwriter has the movie script halfway finished."

The scene is set late at night. In an alley behind some commercial buildings hover a group of aging boomers, waiting for the recent release of Tranformers to end and anticipating crowds of young people make their exits near that alley.

Sarge and Bess will entice some of the millinneals over, with Bess bent over Sarge pretending he has had a heart attack. The rest of the boomers, Theodous, Margaret and Slappy will jump the "young bloods" as the gang likes to refer to them, when they are close enough to assault them without their pace makers going off.

These posts made me laugh out loud - nothing like humor to take the bite out a topic!
Thanks all!

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