ELDER MUSIC: Van the Man
A Week in Manhattan: Part One

Back in Oregon From New York City

Did you enjoy the posts I arranged to be automatically published while I was away on the east coast last week? Did you find the link to the new stories at The Elder Storytelling Place?

I have returned. Arrived yesterday, Sunday, and realized - how dumb can one old woman be? - that there is a lot to do: unpack, see to the cat, plow through email and snailmail in case there is something crucial, shop for some fresh fruit and vegetables and, most importantly, meet the deadline to finish my first story for Senior Planet, the good folks who paid for my trip to New York.

Dumb, I say, because I failed to anticipate the time crunch on my return and prepare posts for today and tomorrow to give myself the space for the necessary catching up with life before resuming my blogging routine.

Therefore, that's all you get today and, probably, tomorrow. But here is the link to a fresh story at The Elder Storytelling Place.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Dan Gogerty: I'd Rather Be a Bear in a Hammock Than a Bear in a Cage


Good to know you are back. I'm sure you had a wonderful time.
Take your time.

Welcome back Ronni - take as much time as you need.

I find travelling takes it out of me these days.

Did Ollie give you a loving greeting?

Jet lag (or in your case "Jet Advance"). Takes a couple of days for you to catch up.Dying to hear about your NYC adventures because we all live life vicariously through your blog.

Welcome home, give yourself some catch up time for sure.

Welcome Home!

Glad to hear of your safe return. Re-entry can be a little rough; take the time you need. Ollie should have first dibs on your attention, anyway.

It takes me a week to recover and catch up so give yourself all the time you need. We will patiently wait. Welcome back.

Your area of the world was lovely as we drove through last week.

The crunch when I return is usually the hardest part of traveling ...

Great to have you back.

Am excited for you and look forward to hearing all your news.

Take care.

I agree with all the comments above, especially take your time. Your comments are worth waiting for no matter how much time you need!

Bentornata! Lovely to know you are safe and sound at home again (although you have had to learn that re-entry is a b... big deal, too. Like everything else these days, it takes longer than expected ... and longer and longer).
We'll be here, ready to hang on your every word when you're ready. Thank you for everything.

New York is the center of the universe. I would go back there to visit except all the in-betweens (the air flights, how to get from airport to hotel, how to get from hotel to the ballet)seem insuperable.

But the thought of seeing Balanchine done in NYC one more time....But it's too tiring.

As a New Yorker now living overseas
I go back once a year and have bittersweet memories. I emphathize with what you were feeling.Once you live in NYC you realize there is no other place like it.

I used to take annual trips to NY to see the museums and plays. Although I can't identify with it as deeply as you do, I love the city, too. It's the first place I would look to buy a pied-a-terre if I won a billion $ lottery. I don't think I would want to live there full time, but as Emily said, there is no other place like it in the world.

Sounds like you had a delightful time in the Big Apple. Glad you made it back safe and sound.

I am from the
Bronx, and now live in Salem, Oregon,,,I go back to "home" once a year or so....It is bittersweet; New York has changed so much; but I still have memories from my youth, being a young woman in my city. Wonderful times.....

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