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Cat Overload

A week away from home and regular blogging (I'm in New York) is a good excuse to overdose on cat video, don't you think?

You may have seen this. Moe the cat got his 15 minutes of fame just a couple of week's ago for this video of his amazing skill at Jenga.

Yes, this is a commercial for a big-name cat food. Yes, I'm posting it on a commercial free blog. Because: too cute and you can thank TGB reader Bev Carney for it.

Speaking of internet kittens, this one is from Bev Carney too. She keeps me up all things internet cat related. Our old friend Simon's Cat.

I wouldn't argue if any of you say that my posting this next video is prima facie evidence that I spend too much time on the internet. Nevertheless, it's amusing. It made me laugh. Out loud. At myself. For watching two minutes of nothing.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Henry Lowenstern: Aging


This cat and dog picture thing has spread to slot machines in casinos. We were at KC casino this week, I always browse the new penny machines. One had pictures of real kittens, another dogs. If you got the bonus you saw videos of kittens playing. I had to laugh, because I know how popular cats and dogs are on social media. And casino people know we older crowd also go to casinos. Good marketing. I'm not a pet person, but admit to playing those machines.

I don't know why that cat in the chair is so funny, but it is. Wonder what it was that finally intrigued him enough to get down.

I was greeted this morning by a beautiful grey cat perched on my patio wall. He/she wanted me to take him/her in, but I resisted.

The cat was sleek and well fed so I knew it was not a feral cat and I didn't want to become the home away from home for this cat.

I am sure it knows the way home and I encouraged it to go there.

Love the cats!! Always.

My ex-wife had three cats. They all sneezed and wheezed when I walked into the room. Unfortunate, my wife was forced to get rid, of me. But seriously,cats are cute.

Watching the cat sitting in a chair was maybe the best two minutes I spent today! Interesting, relaxing, stunning subjects, and terrific color contrast (green chair/orange kitty). Big thanks!

(When I opened this post in the evening, my day had already been rich.)

Kitty-cute. On the last video, love the facial markings on the b&w cat who looks like some meditating is going on.

Follow up on my comment. It is now one day later and the cat is back home. Her name was Lulu.

When I got my mail I saw a notice about the missing cat and called the owner and told her I had seen the cat that morning. She called back last night telling me that Lulu had returned home.

I love happy endings.

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