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Notes on Aging in Place

George Carlin on Being Old

It's a too-busy week here at Chez Bennett so I'm reaching for some easy stuff you might enjoy that gives me time to take care of business, as it were.

One good way is video of George Carlin who is, I know, a favorite I share with many TGB readers. It is amazing that even though he has been dead for six years, his political riffs and rants are as relevant today as when he first delivered them.

(I'm not sure if that shows how prescient he was or if nothing has changed since 2008.)

But politics is not what we have today. Instead, here is his take on growing old. If you're easily offended by the F-word, you might want to skip this – he uses it a lot. Otherwise, enjoy.

(You all know, I think, that if for some reason this video won't play in your location, click the YouTube logo in the lower right corner. It will open on its YouTube page where it is usually viewable – except in some non-U.S. countries.)

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Arlene Corwin: Interpreting Signs


My advantage of getting old is that I now love George Carlin! BTW, when did you put up the new photo, next to last, or is this one of those things of which he speaks? Betty

I posted the new banner photos (the last two on the right) last week.

The next to last was shot in 2004 and the last one shot a month or two ago.

The point is that now the banner photos more accurately reflect the passage of time.

For example, the fourth from the right was taken on my 40th birthday, in the next I'm in my early 50s, then 60s and now 70s.

Love George Carlin and hadn't seen this one. VERY funny as he always is, thanks for featuring it today.

This has become one of my favorite George Carlin programs. Miss him.

Carlin is always great for a laugh but I was wondering why Dr. Phil kept coming up as Cristian Andrei when my google translator shows the translation to be much like the English, Docteur Phil.

And the French word for "fuck" - baise - never came up.

As usual, worrying about the details. :-)

Good thing I don't speak French

Delightful. I didn't much care for him when I was a young f---, but now days he is just what I need.

Wow! Unbookmarking this site. Funny how some people never grow up. Or maybe I should say, that don't mind being talked to from the sewer all the days of their lives. Wasn't funny then, isn't funny now. People will pay to see this garbage but heaven forbid if they hear it in the booth next to them at Denny's. Not in front of my grandchild! Hypocrites.

Laughed out loud! Can't wait to show this to my parents who are in their 80s. I think my father would agree that he is an old fuck.

Colorful language has always been a part of my life and my family. We know when to use it and when it may offend.

Just last weekend my 10 year old granddaughter and I discussed swear words. We agreed that stubbing your toe sometimes calls for more than a gosh darn.

I don't know why certain words are distasteful. All my life I've tried to convince myself that words are just words - without being completely successful. Thus, I shall skip the video - not because I find the word offensive, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Only the three generations in my family who are younger than my own seem unfazed by such words. Any day now I expect one of our great-grandsons to blurt out the f-word.

Other than that - it was only in blog postings after his death that I learned of George Carlin. I must have been asleep.

I am not offended by swear words or potty mouth unless there are children present. I just find it boring when the F word is used in every sentence. I think it's just a lazy way of expressing yourself. It shows a lack of good vocabulary and of good judgement.

I love George Carlin and always did. His cutting humor is hilarious and somehow it would be too tame without the swear words. It's just George being his biting self. He uses the F word for shock effect and that's his kind of humor.

I second Gaga Cheri.

A classic that's for sure. Thanks for reminding us of how good he was at his craft.

As a person who has been an old fuck (female variety) for some years now, I appreciate the OF acceptance demonstrated by this blog. But I don't think the rest of the world is keeping up with us OF's or with TGB. Most people, especially the younger generations, seem to expect us to be sweet and forbearing, never complaining of our aches and pains, and never, never letting go with an expletive that expresses our feelings about whatever life is handing us at the moment.

I like Armstrong, but not Woods. LOVE George. Very funny. thanks

George Carlin hasn't really reached the UK and I don't know why - he's funny!

The subtitles are in Romanian!!

I don't know why anyone read your warning, watched the video anyway, and then proceeded to be offended and to unbookmark the site. They could've just read the warning and unbookmarked the site! "She's posting something with the F-word?? I'm outta here!"

Some people seem to want to be offended and outraged.

This is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Just what I needed, even though my current kidney stone annoyance hurts when I laugh. I consider it therapuetic. Thanks, Ronnie

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