How Simple Respect Can Improve Elders' Lives
ELDER MUSIC: Van the Man


EDITORIAL NOTE: It may be 28 June on your calendar but to me, it's 21 June and I'm typing as fast as I can to fill up this space for you while I'm away in New York.

That's just to explain why today's Interesting Stuff is shorter than usual. I ran out of steam and decided to just stop. These are a handful of items from the collection of “stuff” that somehow haven't make the cut over the past months.


Nancy Leitz sent this – 80 people age 65 to 96 dancing in Auckland, New Zealand to Feelin' Good Ooh La La by The DNC. It took place on 9 August 2012 to help promote the need for more adaptable and accessible housing for elders in New Zealand.

You can find out something about accessible housing here.


Sadie protecting her food bowl from Foxey. Too bad we don't know how it ended.


A highly acclaimed documentary about the life and work of Gore Vidal was released in May. Like comedian George Carlin, Vidal's commentary remains relevant through the years and since his death in 2012.

Here's a trailer for the film:

The United States of Amnesia is playing here and there around the U.S. You may be able to find a screening near you at this website.


I know many TGB readers are fans of Last Tango in Halifax starring Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid. It's back on PBS in the United States for season 2 beginning tomorrow - Sunday - night at 9PM. Here's the BBC1 trailer:


If, like me, you are a Derek Jacobi fan, there is another British series premiering tomorrow night on PBS, a sitcom titled Vicious that also stars another superb actor, Ian McKellen. According to the press release, the series

"...tells the story of partners Freddie (McKellen) and Stuart (Jacobi), who have lived together in a small central London flat for nearly 50 years.

"Constantly picking each other apart and holding on to petty slights for decades, Freddie and Stuart are always at each other’s throats, cracking snide remarks aimed at the other’s age, appearance and flaws. However, underneath their vicious, co-dependent fighting, they have a deep love for one another."
Here's a trailer:


I don't recall if I've previously posted this video, Artiste of the depressed French cat, Henri. Doesn't matter – he is always worth seeing again.


It's been quite awhile since Darlene Costner sent this video of comedian Don Friesen's take on passwords. It's funny, but it is also all too true.

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” in the upper left corner of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I probably won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog IF you include the name of the blog and its URL.


You are so good to us! Even thinking ahead! Thank you. And thank you SO much for the Martin Luther King Addo story yesterday. Would love to have an Addo in my life, too.
May you have a safe return and come back filled with more wonderful NY memories.

Old stuff is just as good as new stuff. Both George and I loved the Don video.

OK, this is long - bear with me - it works for me, so maybe for you, too.

Passwords to remember:

1) Begin with name of site. Capitalize a letter (first, third, last?) for each site, i.e., etSy, ebAy, etc.

2) Pick a symbol to use next each time, i.e., * or %, etc.

3) Using 2-3 of your initials, number them, i.e., A=1, D=4, S=19, etc.

This sounds like a chore, but it's so easy and once you lock in 1)-3), you'll remember each password.

Some examples for Ben A. Stone:

etSy*2119 & ebAy*2119 (B=2, A=1, S=19)

Personally, I cap the last letter of the site: etsY.

Have a good weekend everyone & a good ride to your western home, Ronni.

Many thanks for the news of the Gore Vidal film. Cannot see that it will be shown near me but just maybe it will be available otherwise. How neat! Also the news about Last Tango in Halifax second season and Vicious looks great as well.

Enjoy NYC, we'll look forward to hearing all about it.

Thanks, Ronni! Safe travels! Am looking forward to your reports on all aspects of this adventure.

You featured three of my favorite characters today.

Gore Vidal is one of my heroes. It was a sad day when his voice was stilled. I am looking forward to the documentary and hope NetFlix carries it.

Derek Jacobi it absolutely a favorite actor of mine. I am looking forward to what I know will be a great series.

Then there's Henri, the black cat - he is so droll. You can't help but love him.

Watching the young people watching the old people doing a flash dance brought tears to my eyes---literally. What fun!

Loved the password video!

As for passwords, after I sign onto the site, I send an email to myself, along with the following:
my own hints for each site-name and each user-id.

Re Passwords. I keep an old fashioned paper file on a Rolodex. It's alphabetical by site and I jot down when I put in the password so I will remember to change them periodically. Not high tech but it sure works.

What a wonderful flash mob. Thank you, Ronni!

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