Finding Purpose in Old Age

Rewind the Week – 6 June 2014

Compared to many blogs, TGB has a consistently compelling comment section. In addition, I needed to carve out time away from the the computer so I've invented Rewind the Week, a weekly (or so) compendium of some of the provocative, informative and stand-out responses to posts from the previous week.

For the time being, this is an experiment and we'll see how it goes. If you enjoy it or don't or have suggestions for it, let me know and I will place it in consideration.

There was a range of meaty topics this week. My exhortation for us all to make exercise a regular habit got us a spectrum of responses. Here are a handful of them.

Lauren of perPETuity is just getting started and I think she's smart to make a small commitment to begin with:

”Lest you think I'm a self-righteous braggart, I only started this daily devotion [to exercise] two weeks ago when I realized I was sitting more than I cared to and getting depressed about it. I only committed for a month and will take stock of whether there have been any benefits. Anyone care to place a bet?”

I couldn't get through my three-day-a-week gym workout without being plugged into my MP3 player and victoria explained how much that can help:

”Four years ago I began collecting songs that I loved and ones that I can move and dance to and ended up with 16 hours of my greatest hits.

“I try to walk 45 minutes a day - inside, outside, all around the house. What ever works for me that day. With my greatest hits music on an MP3 player--sometimes I walk more than I need because I just want to hear the next song.”

It's a mite late for most of us at this blog to take up serious exercise in our youth, but any younger people reading here, pay attention to Nancy Wick:

“I am 66, still weigh the same as I did when I was 26, have low blood pressure and am not on any prescription medications. I credit much of my good health to my consistent exercise program and am so grateful.”

And then there is janinsanfran of Can It Happen Here? Although I've come to appreciate the mild high I have at the end of an exercise session, I wish I could feel as naturally good about exercise as she does.

“I'm incredibly lucky when it comes to exercise: I like it, it feels like me.”

If the number of comments is an indication, Crabby Old Lady's story about the supposed pending demise of email was widely popular. Here are a few responses:

SusanG of Hillsorough NJ Journal:
“I am always baffled when elders comment that they have to Twitter (or whatever)to their grandchildren or they would lose contact as the grandchildren don't do email. So if grandma 'didn't do Twitter' the grandchildren would just cut off communication?

“This suggests that the grandchildren have no interest at all in staying in contact with their grandparents and that the effort is only being put forth by the grandparents. How sad.”

In that regard, Ruth-Ellen B. Joeres tells us:

”I have succumbed to texting, aside from hating yet another noun being turned into a verb. It is the only way that I can rapidly catch the attention of my daughter and two granddaughters. But what I write consists always of CHECK YOUR EMAIL. Otherwise, they don't. Ever.”

Meg name-checked Ruth-Ellen and added a good laugh on this issue:

”I'm with Ruth-Ellen who uses texting to tell people to 'open your email, dammit'...I think we elders need to insist on email 'letters' from our children and grandchildren. This works quite well for my 21 year old grandson, who always sends me a nice, long newsy email right after I send him a $200 check.”

I had such a good time re-reading the wide variety of comments on this topic, you might enjoy it too.

Lots of thoughtful response to the phenomenon of time's fleeting passage in old age but the entire purpose (purpose: see yesterday's post) of this Friday Rewind is to give me more time. So check it out if you missed the commentary – I'm off to catch up on some other work.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mary Mack: Mr. Green's Dandelions


I think "rewind" is a great idea. It should become a regular weekly item. Sometimes I miss a day and then it seems too late to go back and catch up. This would help make sure we get a second chance to comment on some of the best discussion of the week.

I think the Rewind day is a great idea. Regarding exercise, last winter I purchased a fancy pedometer that measures steps, distance, calories burned and found that to be a great motivator. Also listening to books.

Ruth-Ellen B. Jones tells us:

”I have succumbed to texting, aside from hating yet another noun being turned into a verb.

Ruth-Ellen, I agree whole-heartedly: the verbing must stop!

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