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Strange and Wonderful Animation

While I'm in New York City this week, postings are mostly short and sketchy but don't forget that the links below go to new stories at The Elder Storytelling Place.

Jan Adams reminded me of the strange and wonderful animation that I first posted more than a year ago.

Giraffes in general are a stately sort of animal or, at least, they walk in a stately manner. That, set against their playfulness in this video is almost a meditation and definitely is a special bit of internet magic. Enjoy.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Thomas Moore: Lest We Forget


That is the most amazing video. I can't imagine how anyone could have taught these giraffes to do water acrobatics. It reminds me a bit of synchronized swimming competitions in the Olympics, only far more awe-inspiring.

I did enjoy. It was fun to watch again.

I enjoyed them the first time but did not know Giraffes could swim, etc. I called my brother a docent at the Bronx and Naples Zoos to ask if it was real or another example of don't believe your own eyes! Even though he told me it was digitized, like the tiger in the "Life of Pi" movie, I still prefer to enjoy and believe they are real. And I have fixed in my mind not to assume a photo is true just because I see it in YouTube. I think I/we have reached the place where everythhing is suspect even if seen in the flesh.
But it is beautiful work.

I don't mean to be obvious but perhaps you all overlooked the word "animation" in my introduction to the giraffes. No real giraffes are cavorting in this video.

Who thinks this stuff up? It's way cool and I wish I could learn to do animation.

That's my question, too, Jean. I'm in awe of whoever thinks up this stuff. Whoever, it must be a whole lot of fun for them to just sit around and think.

Ronni, It's funny, but a day or so after I posted my comment above, it suddenly dawned on me that the video was an animation. I was on my computer working on some totally unrelated matter when that realization popped into my head.

Synchronized swimming--what was I thinking?

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