His Turn to be Young
ELDER MUSIC: Transforming a Song



Cop Car, who blogs at Cop Car's Beat sent this short documentary about the Aquadettes, a group of elder women who practice synchronized swimming together. It's a don't miss.


Marian Van Eyk McCain, who blogs at elderwomanblog, liked this cartoon and she was pretty sure I would. I'm pretty sure you will too.

Cat Heaven


Here's some completely unexpected interspecies cooperation.

I would have thought that crow was a goner.


Last Sunday, John Oliver did a fine educational rant on the separation – or, rather, the lack thereof – of church and state (news and advertising) in modern-day journalism in print and online.

You need to know this because they're working hard to fool you into believing corporate “news” stories are produced by neutral reporters. Too often, now, that's not true.


On Thursday evening, as reporters were waiting at the White House for breaking news on Iraq strikes, a toddler squeezed through the south lawn fence.


According to Reuters, the breach caused a brief security lockdown on Pennsylvania Avenue:
"'We were going to wait until he learned to talk to question him, but in lieu of that he got a timeout and was sent on [his] way with [his] parents,' Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan said in a statement provided to White House reporters.

"Secret Service agents regularly close off the area due to suspicious packages near the White House, but pint-sized intruders are far less common."


Who else would do this first but the French.

”The Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital in central France will soon open a wine bar - yes, a wine bar - for its terminally ill patients, who will be allowed to partake in medically supervised tastings with family and friends.

“For Dr. Virginie Guastella, who came up with the idea, the program is about improving her patients’ quality of life in their final days.

"'Why should we deprive people reaching the end of their lives of the traditional flavors of our land?' Guastella said...”

Hat tip to Tom Delmore. You can read more here and here.


On Thursday 14 August, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis will present its Internet Cat Video Festival and Awards for the third year in a row. Here's a video from the first Festival:

The producers of the winning videos walk away with a Golden Kitty Award. Although it's too late to vote, you can see the videos nominated for the 2014 People's Choice Award here.

The show begins at 8:00PM central daylight time on Thursday when you can watch a live stream of the proceedings courtesy of the AnimalPlanet channel. Until then, there are videos at that link from the 2012 and 2013 festivals.


We have TGB reader Alan Goldsmith to thank for this astonishing, even magical video of tens of thousands of mobular rays swimming together off the coast of Baja.


Early this week, a snailmail greeting card arrived (how often does that happen these days?) from Tony Sarmiento, a friend who is executive director of Senior Service America. It made me laugh and I'm pretty sure you'll laugh too.

Botox card


The season just ended but while it lasted, I spent a lot of money, as I do every year, on Rainier cherries. Yum – I never get enough of them.

They are expensive but nothing, apparently, compared to Japan where, a friend tells me, they are so dear they are packaged as singles – each in its own little box that sells for the yen equivalent of a U.S. dollar.

Now, I have discovered online, that China is selling fresh peaches, each dressed in its own little pair of cute panties. They are

”...being sold to capitalize on the the upcoming romantic Qixi Festival. They're a novelty present! And should be taken as such. But, they aren't cheap: A box of nine panty fruit is 498 yuan or US$80.

“China News reports that these unusual peaches are called 'Ripe Fruit' (蜜桃成熟時), a name evoking obvious sexual connotations. The panty peaches were first developed by a fruit vender in Nanjing, with each pair of underwear slipped on each sexy butt by hand.”

Peaches in panties

You can read more and see additional photos here.


Last time I posted one of these videos, the elders were reacting to a modern phenomenon, Google Glass, that they weren't entirely familiar with yet.

This time, they're reacting to a older phenomenon, one at whose creation they were present and partly responsible for – Elvis. Watch.

Interesting Stuff is a weekly listing of short takes and links to web items that have caught my attention; some related to aging and some not, some useful and others just for fun.

You are all encouraged to submit items for inclusion. Just click “Contact” in the upper left corner of any Time Goes By page to send them. I'm sorry that I probably won't have time to acknowledge receipt and there is no guarantee of publication. But when I do include them, you will be credited and I will link to your blog IF you include the name of the blog and its URL.


I loved the peaches and the bangs and....well, just about everything you EVER post in the Saturday columns. Thanks for starting my weekends off on such a fun note.

Thank you for the John Oliver video, Ronni. So true.

As to the peaches: We used to talk about conspicuous consumption. All I can think is that it is so wasteful!!!! (I'm such a Puritan, eh?)

Loved John Oliver's take on the mixing of news and advertising. I began noticing increasing "journalism by press release" as more journalists were fired. Newsrooms are decimated while advertising agencies grow. Less reporting, more copywriting. It is disheartening that many Americans can't tell the difference.

Just delightful...as usual. Thanks.

Great stuff Ronni. Got friends my age with MS, the piece on the Aquadettes was so good. I love peaches but panties...or butt, good to live where they are cheap in season. Hope the know some kids with dolls who need panties, ;-).

Loved the Elvis video. Funny, I never thought about whether men liked him. All I remember is shrieking girls (I was a fan, but never a shrieker). Loved his music, bought all his records, saw all his movies (although I didn't think much of his acting).

As for the peaches, I don't think they look very appetizing when presented this way.

I've never found it so easy to make a French connection. Bless 'em.

My grandkids just got two kittens so I am sending them the YouTube about the Cat festival. Always love your Saturday's posts! Thanks for all you do Ronni!

Wow! Peaches in panties for $80. I've got a box of walnuts in boxer shorts for half that price.

I think you're on to something, Bruce. If peaches can be sexy, so can nuts. You might try eBay.

That's some visual, Beuce.

Edit. That's some visual, Bruce.

Darn those fast fingers on tablets.

Liked the MS lady. Very heat felt. Elvis was funny, peaches were funny too.

Doesn't the Aquadette story hit a special chord? I would love to know the lady personally.

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