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Holiday Art Tour – Year Five (and Book Winner)

Last Wednesday, I offered up an extra copy I have of Julian Barnes' brilliant memoir of grief, Levels of Life. It was a random drawing and all you needed to do to participate was to leave a comment stating you wanted the book.

Eighty of you did that, enough so that I wish I had more to give away. Since I don't, the winner of the electronic drawing is – drum roll – David R. Newman, and the book is already winging it's way to him in Eugene, Oregon - yes, my state.

David tells me he is 77 years old, mostly retired but he still writes book reviews for Northwest Senior News where for 12 years he wrote features and a monthly column. Before that he was, as he tells me, "a reporter in the real world" in Washington, D.C.

Congratulations, David.

The town where I live, Lake Oswego, Oregon, takes outdoor art seriously with dozens of sculptures scattered throughout the city.

Bread Upon the Water by Jerry Joslin

That one, a favorite of mine, is permanently installed in a pond at City Hall. Most, however, are temporary – on loan for a year or two – and each year in the fall, new selections are unveiled after several weeks of being shrouded in fabric.


Four years ago, I began using the excuse of this last summer holiday to show you some of this outdoor art. What I haven't mentioned before is that these sculptures are from the previous year's installation because the new ones are not revealed until after Labor Day.

So continuing what I guess has become a tradition at TGB now, here are some of the 2014 selections.

Angel-flightJim Willis
Angel in Flight by Jim Willis

ContrappostoFrancisco Salgado
Contrapposto by Francisco Salgado

This next one is an interactive sculpture. Each of those "pins" can be pushed from one side to the other. I can't tell you why but it's loads of fun to play with.

Mutatio by Ben Dye

MatelasseReven Marie Swanson
Matelasse by Reven Marie Swanson

Egg by James Lapp

This next one is for you, Millie Garfield.

SunflowerPatricia Vader
Sunflower by Patricia Vader

Outcropping Anew by David Turner

Merkabadura by Joe Burley

Every year, the public is invited to vote for a People's Choice Award, one sculpture that is purchased for the permanent collection. The 2014 winner is Guardian of the Lake by artist Brian Mock.

Guardian of the Lake by Brian Mock

You can find out more about all this at the Arts Council of Lake Oswego website.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, everyone.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Arlene Corwin: Wishes of an Always Dying


Lovely stuff indeed. Thanks. And too thanks for the give away. You start my day with a smile.

Makes me want to move to Lake Oswego. Obviously you have many residents with delightful artistic taste.

The Lake Oswego must be a beautiful place. I really love the permanent sculpture "Bread Upon the Water".

You started my day with a smile! I wouldn't mind having that Sunflower on my patio. ;-)
Most unusual version of my favorite flower. Nice to see it in such an unusual form.

Thanks for sharing all that wonderful art work.

Fascinating artworks! Thanks for sharing. Even the cloth-covered mystery is artful:) Must be fun to walk the area.

What a great program for a city to sponsor. Lake Oswego is paying more than lip service to supporting art.

One thing I like about them is that they make some kind of sense, or they're accessible, or something. Attractive, engaging. Perhaps it's just that--unlike a recent acquisition here--nothing is disturbing or disquieting or gives me a sort of an uneasy feeling or makes me feel ignorant for not appreciating it.

What a wonderful idea, especially that that new artists are given the opportunity to show their sculptures every year. My favorite is the egg.
Not as sophisticated as your Oregon project but some local people instead of cutting the old trees to the ground, have turned the trunks into beautiful sculptures. It makes me smile when I drive past them.

I like ALL the art. San Luis Obispo, CA has a few, but none as nice AS yours.

Oh my! Thanks for this. I love these pieces!

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