Hospital Land for the Overworked Executive
Recovering at Home

Homeward Bound

Just a fast note to tell you I am on my way home today. I'm writing this on Wednesday with loads to do to be ready for the short but welcome journey and I am sooooo slow at everything these days.

I don't know if I will write for Friday; just assume I'm getting settled in and I'll be back on the pages before long.

Thank you all for being the wonderful people I know you are. This would have been so much harder without you.



Such good news, Ronni!
As I said before, don't overdo it. And give yourself time.

Home! How sweet it is. Echoing Claude's "don't overdo it," — "l'at, l'at" in Israelispeak, "slowly, slowly," or "easy does it." xoxo

Best news! Remarkable really. Adding my thoughts that you take it easy. Just let your self down in your own home with a sweet sigh. Ollie will be thrilled too!


Great news.

It will soon be time for a new image on your masthead, Ronni: Post-surgery. SMILE!
Yay, you!

Wonderful news! Take it easy, get plenty of rest and we'll be here when you feel ready to post.

Such good news!

Great news. I'm happy for you!

Wonderful, Ollie will be sooo happy. Much love.

"Nice and easy does it every time." Get home and rest. Wonderful news!!

Good news indeed!!! I'm sure you have arranged for help during your first day's home. Rest and recuperation!!


Savor the warmth with Ollie and the welcome sighs as you slip into your own bed.

You did it, woman.

You are a wonder woman, Ronni. What great news.

Home sweet home and Ollie to welcome you.

I hope you have help waiting to run and fetch for you.

Welcome home Ronni! How wonderful to relax (and not hear all those middle of the night hospital sounds) and surround yourself with the comforts of home.

I am so happy to hear this! I know from my own experience that there is nothing like coming home to your own place, with your own things, and your loving kitty (who hopefully won't want to knead his paws on your incision), and no one waking you up at an ungodly hour to draw blood, etc. Rest, don't stress, take care of yourself. We all care about you and wish you well.

Congratulations, Ronni! Your mission is clear--get well and tell us how you do it. We are in a demographic that can expect a few hospitalizations, and we could use your wisdom.

But first--get well!


Awesome - take your time and know that we will be here for you!

BON VOYAGE!! And welcome home, back to familiarity, no more constant hospital interruptions, a chance to be in your own bed, in your own space.



Congratulations Lady!
There's no place like home.

Good news Ronni

Be very happy at home.
Do you have somebody to help you there?
(Besides Ollie of course).

Allow yourself to be slow. We get slow and slow as time passes.
Allow yourself

Best os luck



best of luck

I can already hear that sigh of pure bliss as you settle into your own bed once again. Home never looks so good as after a stint in a hospital.

Such good news! You will love being home, with all of the comforts and treasured things around you. Of course, you will be careful not to overdo it!

Everything is sounding good. Big step out of the way and onto full recovery. I echo the many thoughts others have written. Thinking of you and wishing you well!

Every morning I wonder how "my friend" Ronni is doing, and I'm so happy you're going home, but please listen to your body - - nothing wrong with taking it easy for a while.

Grand news, Ronni. The trip home will be a welcome one with a new look to all the familiar places.

Then the big sign of relief as you enter your own domain.

There are Autumn and Ollie ready to see you through the next steps in your recovery.

And then there are your virtual friends who are, of course, still cheering your progress.

Or in other words, "Welcome Home!"

Patience with your body's pace, and tenderness for the vulnerability you feel at this time.

You've done smashingly well. All the years of good care for your body are serving you now.

Ollie will be so pleased to see you.

So happy for you to return to your own home & restful environment. Good, progressive healing will happen. Many thanks for honest informative updates. If your energy is spent in the healing process, that's OK too. You know that we are all pulling for you & a speedy recovery.

Happy homecoming. Ollie will be happy. Or miffed, depending on his mood and his catsplanation of why you were gone. Nothing like your very own bed.

Once when I returned from surgery after a month away, I found a mouse invasion in my house. It was an awful stench and an awful battle for months to rid the place of them. But you have Ollie holding the fort.

Think of you every day and send healing thoughts your way. Rest, heal, recover.

You seem to be doing so very well! EXCELLENT!
That is such wonderful news to be going home!

Thank you for the good news! Back in Florence now where we say "Chi va piano va sano e lontano" ... an Italian version of "slow and steady wins the day"!

So happy for you Ronni! And for Autumn and Ollie! Wishing you the best possible re-entry back into your own home and as comfortable a readjustment to life as it cam be. I don't think anyone would complain if you took even a few days off. We're just happy to know you're getting you're groove back.

So VERY happy for you! Wishing you continued easy and full recovery!

Any scars? maybe you could do an LBJ. But seriously, it's time now for a little personal TLC and some good food.

Oh Ronni, happiest news! I hope the rest of your recuperation goes as smoothly as it has so far! Much love.

Great news - you will heal more quickly at home without all the noise and interruptions that hospital stays have. The food will be better, the company good, and your bed will be more comfortable -
Thinking healing thoughts from the east coast -

Welcome home, Ronni.

Ronni, take care, take time, you are in my daily thoughts and prayers. So glad to hear all of the updates.

BRAVO Good for you. so much nicer to heal at home.

Take it easy when you get home. Recovery takes a while!

If you are like me, you will want to be up and doing as soon as your feet hit the floor! But don't try it. Whatever you do, give your body time to do its work of healing. I know from first-hand experience ... I was sent back to the hospital twice after I was released and finally learned that lesson the hard way!

Wonderful news. You are making yourself, Ollie and us so happy.

Don't overdo this magically wonderful news.

That's great news. Being able to open a window and breath fresh air will be wonderful after the hospital. You survived a week of incredible medical challenges. Congratulations. Being home - I am sure - will be the best medicine.
Truly truly truly all the best wishes possible for a speedy recovery. The very least being no one will be hovering over you on poop alert. Privacy is such a wonderful luxury when you have not had it for a week. Enjoy.

Yay! I bet Ollie will be happy to see you, and vice versa!



Wow, I can't believe you are heading home so soon. You are a healing warrior! Remember to be patient with yourself. I feel bad I didn't comment earlier but I have been keeping you in my thoughts.

To sleep in your own again bed again, bliss.

Awesome! Continue your recovery one day at a time, in the home you love.

So glad for the good news. Don't over-do it, though.

Hugs to you and Ollie from Nibbles and me.

Wonderful news! By now, I hope you've arrived home and felt a deep sense of relaxation being back. Sending warm wishes!

Good news to you, I'm sure. Just behave yourself!

Thanks for the update and H-O-O-O-RAY for you! Ollie will be SO glad to see you. All the best wishes for a continued speedy recovery. Even 4th of July firecrackers (if you have them close to or in your community) will be celebratory--as long as they don't keep you awake.

Just a short Wahoo!!!

Wish we could have seen Ollie's welcome home!

Great news! Slow and steady now. ox

Very very very happy you are home, Ronni. Hope you have any assistance you need for the first days. What I would've given to see your reunion with Ollie!

So it will be razor clams before you know it!

You're the champ!

When will you be able to take calls? Been wanting, but don't want burst the stitches. Promise I won't tell any jokes. So happy you're home.

Thrilled with your good report. Home is so much better than the hospital. I'm just reading this on Friday morning as we are actually in Portland, enjoying the fine weather and many sites. Not the traffic, though. Took almost 3 hours to return from McMinnville.

Just don't overdo.


Dear Ronni, it's marvelous that you are home now. And I hope you are "snug as a bug in a rug!" as we used to say. Please continue to be gracious to yourself. As you know, doing too much too soon can set you back considerable. The advice "to listen to your body" has helped me greatly in the past three years. My body knows what's best for me, even when my head is saying something else and my heart is wishing something else. Be true to you. Peace be to you also.

It's been several weeks since I visited here. SO glad to read today's post before I went back to the May missives to retrieve the entire story. During the time it took me to read all your posts, I felt the roller coaster of emotions. Thus, I can only imagine what it's been like for you dear woman.
Please know I have the best thoughts for your comfort and a speedy recovery.

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