Elderblogger Badges

Mommybloggers are a well-known sub-genre of blogging as are daddybloggers, political bloggers, tech bloggers, cooking bloggers, women bloggers and even blogging bloggers. It is time for Elderbloggers to be recognized as an important and fast-growing segment of the blogosphere and you can help…

…by posting a badge on your blog.

There are three to choose from. These first two are for elderbloggers themselves.



This third one is for bloggers of any age who would like to express their affinity, affection or support for elderbloggers.


Here is how to post the badges:

  1. Right click on the badge you want to post
  2. Save the image to your hard drive
  3. Upload the badge to your blog host
  4. Link the image to this page so others can get a badge when they see yours. Here is the html to place on your page where you want the badge to appear:
<a href="http://www.timegoesby.net/weblog/ elderbloggerbadges.html"><img src="http://example. com/ProudElderblogger.gif"></a>

Replace the "example" URL with the location (URL) of the badge on your server. The name of the badge - ProudElderblogger, ElderbloggersRule or ISupportElderbloggers - will differ depending on which badge you choose.

Let’s tell the world that elderbloggers are here, we’re old and we’re proud.

Many thanks to Kay Dennison of Kay's Thinking Cap for the badge idea and design. And a second thank you to Steve Garfield for suggesting that people of any age should be able to post an elderblogger badge.