Elderblogs List - 2014 Update

This is the Time Goes By blogroll, known here as the Elderbloggers List - hundreds of blogs written by people who are 50 and older, each one carefully selected for its excellent content. Check out some of them; you will be glad you did.

This is a long list and hard to work through. So each week, five elderblogs are featured in the left sidebar. Click on the names to visit those blogs.

The list has gotten so long now that I update infrequently when I remove abandoned blogs and add new ones I have learned about. If you have a blog you would like to include or to recommend one for the list, use the “Contact” link in the upper left corner of every page.

Last updated 28 December 2013.

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The 70-Something Blog
Adele Horin Coming of Age
Advanced Style
Advertising to Baby Boomers
Age of Riesen
Age With Quality Not in Crisis
Aging in Place Technology Watch
Aging, Parkinson's and Me
Aging Us

Airy Persiflage
Alchemy of Clay
Alf Grumble
All the Pages Are My Days
Along the Way
Amen With a T
Amid Privilege
Another Old Woman
Another Year of Recipes

Any Shiny Thing
Apart From My Art
As Our Parents Age
Auxiliary Memory
Bayou Quilts
Betsy, A Baby Boomer
Better Than I Ever Expected
Between Two Rivers

Beyond the Fields We Know
Big John
Blog of Ages
Blueridge Boomer
Bobba Caps Doxology
Boogie Street
Boots and Braids

The Burrow
Busha Full of Grace
Cab Drollery
Can It Happen Here?
The Cassandra Pages
The Cataract Club
CBreaux Speaks
Celia's Blue Cottage
Celeste Bergin
Changing Aging

Chatty Crone
Cheerful Monk
Chez Namaste Nancy
The Chinese Mirror
Cinderellen's Corner
Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie
Confessions of a Grandma
Cop Car's Beat

Costa de la Luz Gardening
Cruisin Over Sixty
Daisy's Dead Air
The Demijon Blog
dept. of nance
Desert Canyon Living
Dirty Laundry
DkZody's Weblog

Dick Jones' Patteran Pages
Doc Searls Weblog
Dogwalk Musings
Dotty Plants Greenhouse Journal
The Dry Bones Blog
Dying Man's Daily Journal
Each Little World
Earthen Spirituality

Elmer's Place
Engage Blog
Entitled to Know
Exploring Life
The Fabulous Geezersisters' Blog
The Family Plot Blog
Fat Man on a Keyboard
First 50 Words

Folkways Notebook
Fools Rush In
Fragments From Floyd
Frieda B.
Friko's World
From the House of Mars
Frost Bottom Days
A Full-Time Life
Gabby Geezer
A Garden Carried in the Pocket

Geezer Music Club
The Generation Above Me
Gert, Tom & Rusty Too
Go Ask Alice...when she's 94
GoldenDaze- Ginnie
Granny Sue's News and Reviews
Grey House Journal
Ground Level in Kansas
Gullible's Travels

Gum Leaves
Hattie's Web
Head Rambles
The Healthy Nut
Help! Aging Parents
I am not a wizard
Hootin' Anni's

I Like to Make Things
The Internet Grandad (a vlog)
I Speak of Dreams
I've Been Mugged
Jan Heigh Abstract Art
The Jaundiced View
Jim's Journal
Jive Chalkin'
Journey into Elderhood

Just Ask Judy
Julie in London at 77
Just An Ordinary Gal
Just My Life
Kalilily Time
Kansas Prairie
Kalyns' Kitchen
Kay's Thinking Cap
Later Living
Leaves of Grass

Legacy Matters
Letters For George
Life on Peach Eater Creek
Linda's Backroad Musings
Linda's World
The Little Old Lady Stays Put
A Little Red Hen
Live and Learn
Live Life in Crescendo
Living in the Bonus Round

Loose Leaf Notes
Lucy Volume II
Marc Leavitt's Blog
Mad, Mad World
Maggie Turner: Page by Page
Magnetic Fire
Marja-Leena Rathje
Martin Bayne
Mary Contrary's Blog

Merrilymarylee's Blog
Me, senescent
Minding Our Elders
Mining Nuggets
The Misadventures of Widowhood
Ms Graysea
Muffy's Marks
Musings From Grandma's Attic

My Elder Advocate
My Journey to Mindfulness
My Mom's Blog
My Wintersong
Nellie's Garden
Never Ending Journey
The New Old Age
The Next Stage
Nifty Fifty and the City (in French)

Nonagenarian Surfer
Now's the Time
Off the Grid
Off the Grid
Old Age and Villainy
Old Ain't Dead
Old Lady Lincoln
One Day At a Time
One Good Move
One Kentucky Writer

Only Connect
Oops 50!
Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy
The Other Side of Sixty
Paint, Poems and Ponderings
Passage des perles
Patient's Progress
Past Imperfect
Pats Posts

Paula's House of Toast
Peevish Pen
A Piece of My Mind
Pied Type
Pilgrim's Moon
Plants and Stones
Post Work Savvy
Pratie Place
Pressing Pause

Pure Land Mountain
Rainy Day Thoughts
Rambling Woods
Ramona's Voices

The Rant
Rants By Ronni (not me)
Ray's Blogging Again
Recollections of a Vagabonde

Red Nose
Remarkable Wrinklies
Retired English Teacher
Retirement: A Full-Time Job
Retirement Daze
Retirement Rocks

RJ's Corner
Roberta Teller Blog
Rockbridge Times
Rocky Mountain Woman

Roy's World
A Runnah's Story
Sacred Ordinary
Santiago Dreaming
Satisfying Retirement
Seeking Center in an Old House
Semantically Driven
Sightings Over Sixty

Silver Fox Whispers
Simple Not Easy
Six Decades and Counting
Snappy Repartee
Soooo Many Years
Southern Rumors
Spotlight on Elder Abuse
The Stamp Collection Roundup

Steveso Thinks
Steve's 2 Cents
Still Live
Studio 78 Notes
Studio Ruthe
Sunshine on My Shoulder
Style Crone
Sweetwater Lane
Sylvia From Over the Hill

Tasting Rhubarb
Tom's Wine Line
Use My Sky
Velvet Sacks
The View From Here
Walking to Retirement
Wasted Days Wasted Nites
Watermark - A Poet's Notebook
WCenter Blog
Wegads - Ed Weiland's Blog

Welcome Words
What's the Story in Dalamory?
When I Was Sixty Nine
White Feather Farm
The Wild Hare
Willow Manor
Windgrove: Life on the Edge
Women's Voices For Change
Woodgate's View
Wood s Lot

Xtreme English
Yo Is This Ageist?
Yum Yum Cafe
The Zees Go West

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Thank you for such a comprehensive list of elder blogs. It will be fun to start bookmarking my favorites. I also heard about a great services yesterday that can be very useful to people who can't read blogs, but who can listen. SoundGecko (a website and an app) translates blog posts into audio so you can listen later (it downloads to an MP3 file).

Posted by: Lucy on Mar 5, 2013 12:36:47 PM

Hi: To your amazing list, I would like to add three aging sites with blogging: RetirementLifeMatters.com, FiercewithAge.com, and JohnRobinson.org. Thanks.

Posted by: John Robinson on Mar 5, 2013 2:15:24 PM

Wonderful to have all of these listed in one place. Thank you!

Posted by: Janet. Breton on Mar 16, 2013 12:41:46 PM

I am giving myself a big treat and a little challenge. I am going to read a little from every one of the blogs listed. For several reasons, mainly to learn from these nice writers. 2nd, to get inspiration to start writing myself again. 3rd, I want to win an Elder Blogger badge.

Posted by: MissDazey on Jun 3, 2013 6:56:18 PM

Thanks for a grand resource list for all of us boomers and seniors to visit. I appreciate the time it must have taken you to put all this together. Blogging is fun but not always easy :) Have a great week.

Posted by: Kaye - SandwichINK on Nov 16, 2013 2:44:21 PM

Thanks for including me, Ronni. May you and your readers be well and happy in 2014.

Posted by: Lynne Spreen on Jan 5, 2014 3:25:37 PM

The list was great and very helpful. Please continue posting new content.

Posted by: michaeljones on Oct 12, 2014 1:47:19 PM

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