Gay and Gray Contributor, Jan Adams

Jan Adams contributes a monthly column, Gay and Gray, to Time Goes By about aging in the LGBT community. It appears on or about the 26th of each month.

Janadams I'm a progressive political activist
who runs trails and climbs mountains whenever any are available. I've had the privilege to work for justice in Central America (Nicaragua and El Salvador), in South Africa, in the fields of California with the United Farmworkers Union, and in the cities and schools of my own country.

I'm a Christian of the Episcopalian flavor; we think and argue a lot. For work, I've done a bit of it all: run an old fashioned switchboard; remodeled buildings and poured concrete; edited and published periodicals, reports and books; and organized for electoral campaigns. I am an independent consultant to organizations seeking "help when you have to make a fight."

My current main projects are political consulting with grassroots community groups learning how to influence elections and serving as the national field organizer for Claiming the Blessing, a consortium working for full inclusion of LGBT people in the life of the Episcopal Church.

In addition to writing the Gay and Gray column for Time Goes By, Jan blogs at Happening-Here.

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personal note to Jan Adams:
I have already been in touch with ronni via e mail, but I Just wanted you to know that I am a new subscriber, also gay and gray. I very much appreciate having a new, intelligent, articulate and age appropriate blog site to check out. I think your personal background is very interesting and exciting and I look forward to reading more about you, your causes and adventures.

Joan Bialkin

Posted by: Joan on Dec 24, 2008 12:20:47 PM

I always enjoy your columns. As an "elder" I find that I am frequently thought of as old and out of touch with technology but the truth is that I have been living and working with computers for over 40 years and I love them. I retired as a specialist in databases and other arcane system items but not hardware. Still, with my own desktop system, I have a question that other people might also have. I know that I should take the cover off periodically and "clean it up". With five cats I am sure there is lots of gunk hiding in there after 4 years. What I don't know is how to clean it. Should I use canned air? Should I use a vacuum? What should I watch out for when cleaning? Perhaps you could consider a little advice on this for those of us who prefer doing our own work instead of paying a lot of money for perhaps a shoddy job by someone else.

Posted by: Twin City Joan on Feb 11, 2010 8:43:10 AM

Thank you, Jan, for being able to read your column. I do not fully understand how, but it reached me here in New Zealand. I am a male episcopal priest, who feels very supportive and proud of the Episcopal Church in the USA for its prgressive outlook.


Posted by: Reg on Jul 9, 2011 9:24:19 PM

I'd like to hear more from Jan and Joan Bialkin about being gay and elder. As an aging broad who has been in both lanes I'm happy to encounter this blog.

Posted by: P.D. on Feb 23, 2012 3:11:08 PM

Hello Jan,

I smiled out loud when I read "I'm a Christian of the Episcopalian flavor; we think and argue a lot." I belonged to an Episcopal church in New Hampshire - you know, Gene Robinson turf - until I moved to Massachusetts a year ago. That description fits the denomination, if not the state, perfectly. I miss it.

Posted by: Jean Gogolin on Feb 28, 2012 4:56:05 PM

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