Join the Quarterstaff Revolution

In June 2008, The TGB Geriatrician, Dr. Bill Thomas, wrote a column here titled Quarterstaff Revolution about why staffs are a better choice for most elders than traditional, bent-top canes. But you don't need to require walking assistance to use one. They are also good for hiking, at the beach, on any rough terrain or just because a staff is cool. As Dr. Thomas quoted Colin Fletcher:

“On smooth surfaces, the staff helps maintain an easy rhythm to my walking and gives me something to lean on when I stop to stand and stare."

Dr. Thomas also called for readers to submit photographs of themselves with their staffs. Imagine an army of elders around the globe striding forth in life with their quarterstaffs.

The thumbnail links below take you to individual pages showing each person with his or her staff. You too can join the quarterstaff revolution. Just send in a photo. Instructions are here.

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