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After my last daughter's wedding, the fourth and spare bedroom of our house became the guest quarters as well as my own personal hobby/writing/escape room. I haven't had my own room since I was 19!

We recently redid this bedroom in Texas/Spanish decor. My great grandmother's old Sears and Roebuck oak dresser, purchased in the early 1900s is just to the left of my computer desk. The bay window looks out to our backyard garden and there is a sliding glass door to my right that goes out to the covered patio. (Which is seldom left open as the outdoor four-legged residents think they should take a nap on the bed whenever I am in the room.)

Rusty, the Rhodesian/boxer pooch, likes to push his nose up to the screen at the bay window at night, trying to get my attention, which he does with a startling bull-like snort. Even though I know it is him, the noise still makes me jump every time.

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LOVE that Indian ladder (or whatever it's called)!!!

Posted by: Nikki on Oct 2, 2007 6:25:49 AM

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