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Here in his home near Plainwell, Michigan, USA, Dick Klade sips coffee in the mornings and martinis later in the day and occasionally writes a few words. The words usually become stories based on his experiences over the past 65 years as they relate to current events. Most of his stories appear as posts to his Blog.

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Very nice picture...I wish I had the time each day to read your blog...but life is short and so I am too busy eating dessert first....but I'll try!!!!

Posted by: Sheila Halet on Dec 29, 2009 10:54:08 AM

Given the choice between my blog and dessert, I would opt for dessert. Hope you can tune in sometimes between spoonfuls.

Posted by: Gabby Geezer on Jan 11, 2010 3:49:09 PM

Blogging isn't allowed to interfere with dessert at my house either, Dick!

Posted by: Kay Dennison on Mar 17, 2011 9:36:48 AM

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