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I am a fairly new blog reader of eight months. This is my computer corner in my new home. Blogging was suggested to me by my youngest daughter and it has opened up a whole new world for me. Really did not think I would be interested and I was surprised. I comment on some. Have made some new friends, some my children’s age and some near mine from all over the world and nearby in a short time. There are so many gifted writers and photographers out there.

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Hello, This is my first attempt at blogging but am pleased to at least be trying. I'm a single retiree wondering how to make connections with people. Had I known what a transient state California is, would have thought differently about settling here. All but one of my dear friends have left the state the past 15 years. More difficult to make new friends at this age, so here I am.

I love the outdoors, esp hiking, am a great cook albeit mostly healthy fare these days (except for desserts - will never give these up), a voracious reader, gardener. Tell me your interests, please.

Also, would you share with me the best way to connect with other nice people? Wish I were more computer savy or had a daughter/son who could help. I've no children although was married for 15 years.

Here's hoping. Elizabeth

Posted by: Elizabeth on Apr 14, 2010 8:49:52 PM

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