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Yes, this ergonomic disaster is where I spend many hours a day. I like it, despite its obvious disadvantages. One advantage is that I can stick the laptop in a drawer and fold up the desk, hiding all. This is good because "my office" doubles as "the dining room" when we have sit-down type folks over.

Note especially the fingerless gloves to the left of the laptop. They were knitted by my partner to stop me complaining of what we call "mouse hand" - the bone-chill that follows on long hours in front of the computer in winter.

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Oh, I do like the glass doors. I have open shelves, and the dust multiplies by the day. Yes, I have polartec gloves from Target whose fingers have been cut off. I like warm hands in the winter.

Posted by: Mage on Oct 8, 2007 7:01:39 AM

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