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This is a photo of my first desktop PC where I began blogging. The laptop, my first new computer, has since replaced the desktop for most activities. After cleaning the desktop readying for disposal, I decided to retain that computer since the music sound system quality is much superior to the laptop's  I do enjoy listening to my musical preferences when typing.

I am able to use my standard keyboard with either computer, enjoy my wireless mouse used primarily with my laptop. Also not shown to the right is a filing cabinet where my printer sits. Parallel to the desk are some bookcases.

Both computer screens are relatively clear of icons, but am gradually adding them. My view forward and to the left (not seen in this photo) is one of the outdoors consisting of a twelve foot high green hedge, a smaller flowering bush draping over a wall and a hummingbird-attracting, red, bottle brush tree peeking from my neighbor's yard when I open the drapes.

The desk was purposely cleared for this photo, but generally contains papers, books, and notes to myself. The room in which the computer is located is destined for re-organization as are most other rooms in my home. Eventually the computers may be relocated to a small former bedroom awaiting re-decorating as is the whole house interior.

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Now I can imagine you sitting there when I read your blog!

Posted by: kenju on Nov 2, 2009 5:15:16 AM

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