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Blog Name: The Wild Hare
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina


My office is built in a room out over the front porch. It is light, and airy, and honestly quite roomy for one. I love the solitude of the space, and the fact that it is up at the top of the house. I have a great view out the window and love the light.

I work in the space for hours - both doing work for my employer and work just for me. The space is filled with art created by my son, my brother, and my husband, and includes lots of family photos.

The room was originally planned to be an attic when the house was being built, but when my husband and I saw how much space was available we had the room finished. It is a delight and I am lucky to have it as a home base for my blog!

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Absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing your space.

Posted by: graceonline on Apr 27, 2009 3:44:19 PM

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