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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Weekend Update

Due to technical difficulties caused by the big nor’easter that blew through Maine early last week, internet service was interrupted so we posted only four stories instead of five. If you missed any of them, Sunday is a good day to catch up:

Mort Reichek told us about his entanglement in a friend’s domestic problems. In the second part of his Imagine a Bridge in the Distance series, Mick Brady relates an exciting childhood adventure that came back to haunt him years later in Turkey. Virginia DeBolt revealed herself to have been a Smoocher in the tomato patch and Norm Jenson figured out what Parental Control really means.

Equally good stories are lined up for the coming week, so do stop by.

For those who have submitted stories I have not acknowledged, please bear with me. The storm put me behind and Roadrunner has since supplied internet service for only 12 hours a day or so – and not always the hours that are convenient to me. Your stories are not lost and I’ll get back to you soon. I’m playing catch-up with everything this week.

If you have not submitted a story yet, there is no time like now. The guidelines are here and are not onerous. Remember, this site is yours. This is the place for elders to share our stories of yesterday or yesteryear, spin a tale and even embellish it for a better ending if you like. Who would know?

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